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    Question 1: How to calculate the handling fee?
    Handling fee of spot trading & margin trading = trading volume * 0.2% * tiered discount
    C2C trading between general users does not generate handling fees.
    Handling fee of C2C trading between merchants = trading volume * 0.2% * tiered discount
    Handling fee of contract trading: https://www.gate.io/help/futures/22079

    Question 2: How to increase my daily net withdrawal limit?
    If you need a higher daily withdrawal limit, after obtaining KYC2 Advanced ID Verification, submit a ticket providing the following information: your Gate.io UID, the name of the currency you want to increase the withdrawal limit of, and your desired limit.

    Question 3: Does Gate.io have official Telegram groups and official Twitter accounts?
    Link to Gate.io's official English Telegram group: https://t.me/gateio.
    Link to Gate.io's official English Twitter account: https://twitter.com/gate_io.
    Feel free to start a live chat with our customer service agents, submit a ticket or email us whenever you have questions.

    Question 4: How are handling fees for withdrawals charged? Where can I check the rules?
    The handling fee varies from currency to currency. There are 2 ways to check the rules for handling fee calculation:
    ① Go to User Center on Gate.io mobile app and click on "Fee".
    ② Visit https://www.gate.io/fee on your PC.

    Question 5: It says the phone number is already taken when I tried to link my phone number to my account. Why?
    One phone number can only be linked to one account or used as username. If the said phone number is not linked to your own Gate.io account, we recommend that you link another phone number that is also yours to your account. If the said phone number is linked to your own Gate.io account, you need to unlink it from that account first.

    Question 6: What do "3S" and "3L" mean in spot trading?
    3S and 3L are 3-time leveraged tokens of ETF.
    Leveraged tokens have the following features:
    1. Free from forced liquidations;
    2.Automatic regular/irregular position adjustment on a daily basis;
    3. No margin required. The effect of leveraged trading can be achieved through the simple buying and selling of leveraged tokens.

    Question 7: I enabled automatic renewal in leveraged lending and mortgage lending. If I repay the loan before it is due, will the still borrow automatically? Is it going to automatically borrow on the expiry day?
    If automatic renewal is not turned off, the will automatically borrow by default. It is recommended to disable automatic renewal before repaying the loan in advance.

    Question 8: How to deposit funds?
    Go to "Wallet" - "Deposit" on Gate.io website. Follow the instructions and provide the needed information. Then transfer the funds to the deposit address.

    Question 9: How to withdraw funds?
    Go to "Wallet" - "Withdraw" on Gate.io website. Follow the instructions and provide the needed information. Note: Digital assets can only be withdrawn to wallets. Please make sure the recipient address is correct before transferring assets.

    Question 10: Funds are not arriving after deposit. Why?
    Please check the block records first to make sure that the funds have been successfully sent. Then check if the deposit address is correct. If both are positive but the funds are still not arriving, please contact us and provide your UID, name of the deposited currency, amount, time and the TXID.

    Question 11: Funds are not arriving after withdrawal. Why?
    Copy the TXID of the withdrawal in "Recent Withdrawals". Check if the funds are sent successfully in block records using the TXID. If funds are successfully sent but still have not arrived, please contact the recipient platform or wallet. If there is no block record of the withdrawal, contact Gate.io customer service for assistance.

    Question 12: How to use gatecodes?
    Gatecodes are generated by a special algorithm when users withdraw funds to gatecodes. Every gatecode has two parts connected by a hyphen. Gatecodes serve the purpose of allowing transactions between Gate.io users. Please make sure to copy full gatecodes. Here is the link to submit gatecodes: https://www.gate.io/myaccount/deposit_gatecode . Funds will be transferred to your account immediately after submission.
    Note: The first part can be used to inquire about the denomination of the gatecode or to lock the gatecode. Payment should be made after locking the gatecode. Provide the full gatecode to complete the deposit. Please make sure that the gatecodes you plan to buy from other users are valid.

    Question 13: Is the leverage ratio in contract trading directly related to the final profit?
    The profit and loss of a contract are not directly related to the leverage ratio. The PNL of the contract is calculated by the number of positions. The leverage ratio determines the number of positions opened. The higher the leverage ratio, the lower the cost. The more positions opened, the easier it is for forced liquidation to be triggered.

    Question 14: How to calculate the reward ratio of contract trading?
    Reward ratio of contract trading = Unrealized PNL (USD)/ Margin * 100%

    Question 15: What will happen to a position in contract cross margin mode when the other position has been forced to liquidate?
    In cross margin mode, if a position is liquidated while the other position is still making profits, the unrealized PNL of the profitable position can be used as margin. One position is forced to liquidate, consequently, the margin of the other position will be reduced, and the liquidation price will change too.
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