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    Guide to Combo Indicator Strategy
    Atualizado às: 89 days 12 hours ago

    What is Custom Indicator Strategy?

    Custom Indicator Strategy gives users the freedom to combine their preferred indicators to generate their own customized strategy. A custom indicator strategy will enter employment after a successful backtest.

    Where to set up a custom strategy?

    First: Navigation bar - "Copy Trading" - "Custom Strategy". Click on "Backtest" after setting up the parameters.

    Second: Click on "Backtest Records" in "My Backtests" to view reference backtest data (data from the past one month will be backtested by default). Click on the left button in the "Action" column to create a strategy. Fill in the parameters and click "Next".

    Third: Set up the parameters and click "Create".

    Parameters setup

    Period, side (long or short), entry condition, exit condition are the parameters you can define.

    Entry condition

    There are 3 parameters to be set for the entry condition. Two are technical indicators and one left is inequality direction, as shown below:

    Technical indicators

    Currently, the available technical indicators are MA, MACD, KDJ, number, RSI, ROC, MFI, WILLER, CCI, and ATR.

    When the technical indicator is chosen, you can adjust the parameters to change, for example, the period of the indicator, by clicking the icon right to the input box and inputting numerical values.

    Inequality directions

    The currently available inequality directions are golden cross, death cross, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, and equal to. During the ution of the strategy, the result of technical indicator 1 will be compared to the result of technical indicator 2.

    Multiple Entry Conditions

    Click on "+ Add More Entry Conditions" to add more entry conditions.

    Logical Conjunctions of Indicators

    When multiple indicators form an utable strategy, the indicators are connected by logical conjunctions - "and" and "or". If "and" is chosen, only when the former indicator is uted and found to follow the inequality direction, the latter indicator will then be uted. When both indicators follow their own inequality direction, the position will be opened. If the indicator before "or" doesn't obey the chosen inequality direction but the indicator after "or" does, the position will still be opened.
    "and": when all indicators follow the chosen inequality direction, a position will be opened/closed.
    "or": when at least one of all indicators follows the chosen inequality direction, a position will be opened/closed..

    Exit Condition Setup
    Same as the setup of entry condition. Please refer to 2.1.

    View Operation

    When custom strategies are generated, you can find them in "Ongoing Strategies" under "My Strategies", where you can check the entry and exit conditions.

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