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    Description of Gate.io Copy Trading Logic
    Atualizado às: 64 days 7 hours ago
    1. The Copy Logic Of Copy Trading

    <1> Copying transaction is based on the number of adjusted postitions by the trader, the number of copying transactions (rounded down) = the proportion of copying * the number of adjusted positions, if the number is less than the minimum copying number of futures, it is not copied.

    <2> Then calculate the copier's available trades according to the user's available funds and the set future leverage multiple. If the number of copy trades ≤ the number of available trades of the copier, the copy will be successful, otherwise the copy will fail.

    <3> Without considering the copy multiplier, leverage system and single constraints, the copier will copy the position change of the lead trader until the copy fund is not allowed. When the lead trader reduces the position of the corresponding copying future, the copier will have the corresponding available funds.

    <4> The copier should give copying margin. Every time you follow a trader, the funds of the spot account will be transferred to the sub-account in the form of a virtual sub-account, and the sub-account will only follow the trader to do copy trading. After the copy trading, it will be liquidated. After deducting the share and transaction fees, the remaining funds will be transferred to the spot account.

    2. Case study of copying logic

    Without calculating transaction fees and funding rates:
    If the lead trader has a total of 1000U of funds, of which 100U is used to buy A currency future, with a leverage of 100 times. Then the value of the constructed position is 100*100=10000U;

    The total number of copy funds for the copy user is 100U, with the copy multiplier set to 0.1, and the leverage set to 20 times. Theoretically, the copy position of the copier following the above transactions is 10000 * 0.1 = 1000U in total. The copier needs to invest a margin of 1000/20=50U to copy, then the remaining available funds of the copier are 100-50=50U;

    Subsequently, the lead trader used 200U to buy the B currency future, with a leverage of 100 times. Then the value of the position is 200 * 100 = 20000U;
    At present, the copier has a remaining available fund of 50U, with a leverage of 20 times and the maximum position value that can be built of1000U. If the copier want to continue to follow the lead trader to buy B future, the copier can only build a position of 1000U. So far, the copy funds are all used up.

    At this time, when the price of both A and B coins has risen by 10%, and the trader closes the with position,
    Earnings of the trader: (11000-10000) + (22000-20000) = 3000U;
    Earnings of the copier: (1100-1000) + (1100-1000) = 200U

    3. Problems that may be encountered in the copy logic

    The copier may find that his earnings and traders' earnings do not coincide. When the copier uses a different principal and leverage multiple setting a copy multiplier, etc., it will cause the inconsistency of return between the copier and the trader. The copier needs to carefully set their own copy parameters and select a trader who has similar funds with him/her to copy.

    For questions about the problems encountered in the copy logic, please refer to:
    Copy Trading-FAQs & Explanation of the inconsistency between the ROIs of traders and copiers
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