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    Upgrade On Gate.io Copy Trading Traders' Functions! With The Function Of Removing Copiers Added!
    Atualizado às: 86 days 1 hours ago
    In order to enhance the experience of traders, we have decided to add [Traders Remove Copiers] in copy trading. The detailed functions and usage methods are as follows:

    <1> Target: lead traders
    <2> Introduction of the updated features: traders can selectively remove their own copiers
    <3> How to use the function of removing copiers

    The process: click [My Copy Trading - Copy Mode] - Tab of the Current Copiers- [Remove], click the [Remove] button to remove the current copiers, the specific logic is as follows:

    Click the pop-up box after removal, and the background will determine the removal result, which is divided into:

    Remove unsuccessfully: including the following situations: (1) the current copier is in loss, (2) there is currently a copying position, (3) there is a order which is partial/fully finished;

    Remove successfully: the current copier is in a non-loss state including profit and no copying earnings and no copying position, including the following situations: (1) no order, (2) there is a order but the transaction is not finished.

    After successful removal:
    Immediately remove this user from the copying list, if the copier already has a copy order, immediately cancel, stop copying this trader. Then the copy funds will return to the spot account of the copier.

    Trader: (1) Promp message on interface: "Remove successful";
    Copier: (1) Prompt message in platform notifications: "XXX is removed from the copying list by the trader";

    This function is used to safeguard the interests of traders and prevent users from viciously copying. Traders are advised to use this feature with caution and pay attention to the benefits of each copier!
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