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    Possible Causes of Contract Order Failure
    Atualizado às: 56 days 6 hours ago

    Some contract users may encounter failure when trying to open or close a position. The following causes are usually responsible for the failure of placing an order:

    Opening a position:

    1.Check if there is sufficient balance in your contract account, if there isn't, you will be notified "Transfer fund first". This can be solved by reducing the number of positions, increasing leverage or transferring funds. 2.The contract dictates the number of entries in the order book to be between 1 and 1000000, and the amount of currency to be in the corresponding range. 3."Reduce Only" is selected under "Conditional Order" when there is no positions left. Failure occurs to avoid scaling in. 4.Stop price exceeds the maximum tolerable deviation ratio of the set stop price. 5.When the Liquidation Price exceeds the newest Mark Price. Liquidation will be triggered right after the position is opened.

    Closing a position:

    1.No margin is needed for closing a position. However, margin is required when you have a "close on trigger" order and want to submit another "Take-Profit Stop-Loss" order or another "close on trigger" order. When there is no sufficient balance left in the account to cover the margin, failure to place an order will occur. 2.In the scenario described in the previous point, if a "close on trigger" order is filled, the position is then closed. The other closing order ("Take-Profit Stop-Loss" or other), due to its "Reduce Only" setting, is going to fail to avoid scaling in. 3.Stop price exceeds bankruptcy price.

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