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    Perpetual Contract Bonus related FAQ
    Atualizado às: 56 days 8 hours ago

    1. What are perpetual contract bonus of Gate.io?

    Gate.io perpetual contract bonus can be used as margin and deduct losses, trade fees and funding fee. Gate.io perpetual contract bonus are designed to facilitate new and old users to experience the function of contract products without risk in real contract trading.

    2. How to get and use perpetual contract bonus?

    1)Perpetual contract bonus of Gate.io will be distributed in the form of USDT or BTC;

    2)Users can get perpetual contract bonus through give-away events, and claim it on contact trade page,

    3)The user obtains perpetual contract bonus through designated events, which can be collected in the contract trading area;

    4)Users can view the perpetual contract bonus she/he has received in the contract trading page-assets or wallet-contract account;

    5)Perpetual contract bonus can be used directly as a trade principal, serving as a contract trade margin and to deduct account losses, trade fees and funding fees.

    3. How perpetual contract bonus work

    1)Gate.io perpetual contract bonus will be deducted in priority over the account's own principal;

    2)The part of the profit obtained from the perpetual contract bonus trading can be transferred or withdrew.


    User A’s account has its own 50 USDT funds and 100 USDT perpetual contract bonus. After the first transaction is closed, the loss of 80 USDT will be first deducted with the perpetual contract bonus. The remaining perpetual contract bonus is 20 USDT, and the own funds 50 USDT remains unchanged. After the position is closed again, the profit will be 20 USDT, and the perpetual contract bonus will remain unchanged at 20 USDT, while the own funds will be changed to 70 USDT, and the profit from the position can be transferred.

    4. What are the limitations of the perpetual contract bonus?

    1)User can claim and receive perpetual contract bonus while no less than 0.0001 BTC (converted into BTC) in his/her Spot account.

    The user's current Spot Account assets need to be ≥0.0001 BTC (converted into BTC) to receive the contract bonus.

    2)Perpetual contract bonus cannot be transferred or withdrew;

    3)The perpetual contract bonus will keep valid for 30 days upon being received. When the unspent part expires, the will automatically withdraw it. The risk of position liquidation should be noted.

    4)The perpetual contract bonus is only supported in certain contract markets. In the event that there is an unfilled order or position in market that does not support perpetual contract bonus, the perpetual contract bonus can only be received after the order is canceled or the position is closed. After receiving and before exhaustion of the perpetual contract bonus, placing order in a market that does not support the fund will not be allowed. Markets supporting the fund are as follows:


    5)Sub-accounts are not eligible to use perpetual contract bonus.


    User A has 100USDT perpetual contract bonus in his account and holds a BTC/USDT position through contract trading which occupies 80USDT of the perpetual contract bonus without position liquidation. After the perpetual contract bonus expires after 30 days, the unused perpetual contract bonus 20USDT in the account will be automatically recovered and cleared.

    5. In case of malicious acquisition of perpetual contract bonus and any other similar behaviors, Gate.io has the right to retrieve the loss and take action to the relevant account.

    6. The final interpretation right of perpetual contract bonus of Gate.io is reserved to Gate.io.

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