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    Lending & Single-Asset Vault - FAQ

    2022-09-28 03:29:17 UTCLido:5852
    Q1. How is the return of Lending & Single-Asset Vault generated?
    The liquidity that users add to the Lending & Single-Asset Vault pool will be aggregated by the system and lent to borrowers. The loan interest paid by the borrower will be distributed to the depositors as income according to the proportion of liquidity.

    Q2. How is the rate of return of Lending & Single-Asset Vault determined?
    The rate of return of Lending & Single-Asset Vault is calculated by the system according to the recent loan situation of the corresponding currency pool.

    Q3. Are there any requirements for adding liquidity?
    Each token pool has its own minimum investment amount. Users can click on "Add liquidity" on the page of the specific Lending & Single-Asset Vault token pool to check the details.

    Q4. What is the difference between Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault and Liquidity Mining?
    Liquidity mining involves a two-currency pool where users can earn fee income and incentive income, while Lending & Single-Asset Vault involves a single-currency pool in which users can only earn lending interest and do not bear the risk of impermanent losses.

    Q5. What is the difference between Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault and Defi lending?
    Defi lending has high risks and a high investment threshold. Besides, it requires users to manage their wallets. However, Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault has less risk and no gas fee, and users can participate with their Gate.io accounts.

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