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Gate Influencers Benefits - Invite friends & Win a Tesla & an iPhone 14. Amazing Gifts

2022-09-08 10:40:44 UTC 24559
Do you want to be the owner of an iPhone 14 or a Tesla? Event not to be missed organized by Gate Influencers, be the recipient of these valuable rewards!

Join now at: https://www.gate.io/activities/lucky-9

1. Duration: Sep 8th - Oct 8th, 2022

2. Event rules:
This is a lucky draw for the points; we have prepared Tesla mode 3, iPhone 14, and incentives such as USDT, VIP level upgrade, and point cards for you to win!
Lucky draw rules:
- Every 5 points accumulated can get one lucky draw chance.
- New users (users who registered during the activity period) can accumulate 5 points by completing the newbie task and get one lucky draw opportunity.
-The first time inviting a valid user (registration + KYC + single transaction) by an existing user, the inviter and the invitee will each receive +5 points.
- For every $10,000 trading volume, you can accumulate 5 points and get one lucky draw entry. You can win points to get up to 10 lucky draws!

3. Terms and Conditions:

- Users can only use one account and cannot use sub-accounts during the event.
- During the campaign period, the cumulative trading volume of users is the buy volume + sell volume.
- A single person can accumulate a maximum of 10 draws per month through the campaign.
- If there is cheating and other irregularities, users will be disqualified and will not be able to get the rewards.
- Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is affected by market fluctuations, policies and many other factors. The market is very volatile and difficult to - predict. Please trade responsibly and make well-informed decisions.
- This sweepstake is a fair and impartial random probability event, and does not guarantee 100% winning.
- Gate.io reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity.

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