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    Gate.io Copy Trading-Copiers Guide

    2022-06-17 09:52:11 UTCLido:86167
    1. How to become a copier?
    To sucessfully copy trading strategies on our copy trading platform please refer to the guide below

    1.1 The Copy Process
    The complete copy process:
    Go to the Copy Trading page> select a trader> sign copier agreement> set copy parameters> Start copying
    Note 1: A copy agreement needs to be signed before your first copy;
    Note 2: The actual income of the copier may be inconsistent with that of the lead trader. For details, please refer to the precautions 4.

    Copying Detailed steps
    <1> Enter the Copy Trading page, screen out excellent traders.

    <2>Select the trader, click the trader's profile photo to enter his page, and check the trader's data

    <3>A copy agreement needs to be signed before your first copy. So please agree to and sign the agreement.

    <4> For Quick Copy Mode: set the copy amount and leverage multiple, and the rest of the parameters will be executed according to the default parameters. Then click “Quick Copy”. The pop-up box will remind you to confirm the copying parameters then you can start to copy.

    <5>For Advanced Copy, click [Advanced Copying Mode] to enter a detailed

    page of copying parameter settings:
    Basic copy parameters: This is mandatory. If the user does not set the custom parameters of the future separately, all the copy will be carried out according to the basic copy parameters.

    Customize copying parameters: The user can select the future type to be copied. Users can set custom copy parameters for different futures. Then the futures with custom copy parameters can be executed according to custom parameters, and the rest of the futures will be executed according to the basic copy parameters.

    <6> Full copy mode
    The copier completely follows the trader in accordance with his leverage multiple, cross margin/isolated margin mode, and selects all the futures led by the trader. Then follow the trader to open/add a position or close/reduce a position in accordance with the trader's fund proportion, which will makes the copier consistent with the trader in ROI.

    <7>In the order information of [Copy Mode], you can click the [Close] button on the current order to close the position, which then will be closed at the market price immediately;

    1.2 Copier’s Margin
    Every time you follow a trader, the funds of the spot account will be transferred to the sub-account in the form of a virtual sub-account, and the sub-account will only follow the trader to do copy trading. After the copy trading, it will be liquidated. After deducting the share and transaction fees, the remaining funds will be transferred to the spot account.

    2. Copy Future
    2.1 Copiers’ logic
    <1> Copy trading is based on the number of positions rebalanced by the trader. The number of copy trades (rounded down) = the ratio of copy * the number of positions adjusted. If the quantity is less than the minimum copy number of the contract, it will not be copied.
    <2>According to the user's available funds and future leverage ratio (trader's leverage is used by default, the user can also specify the leverage ratio) to calculate the number of copies that can be traded by the follower, otherwise the copy will fail.
    <3> Without considering the copy multiple, leverage system, and single transaction constraints, the copiers will copy the position change of the lead trader until the copy funds are unavailable. When the lead trader reduces the position of the corresponding copy future, the copier will have available funds accordingly.

    2.2 Description of Copying Future
    This system provides 20 future trading pairs that support copying, which is set by the trader in the lead mode. Users can select freely within the range set by the trader, with at least one being selected, all of which can be selected. The user will only copy for the selected future, the unselected future will not be copied.
    This setting can be filtered in the Copy - Advanced Copy Mode- Select Future.

    3. Description of the Copy parameter
    3.1 Quick Copy & Advanced Copy & Full Copy Mode
    Quick copy
    <1> 10 ≤ copy amount ≤ upper limit of trader’s copy limit (depending on the trader's level), and copy amount ≤ available amount of the spot account. Leverage multiple has an optional leverage range of 1-20 times (if the set leverage multiple is beyond the threshold, it will be automatically adjusted as the maximum value of the future;

    <2> The rest parameters will use default values: Leverage multiple [1 by default], copy multiple [1], single copy amount limit [the maximum value of the trader's level], take profit Proportion [leave blank], stop loss Proportion [leave blank], copy future [select all, use basic copy parameters].

    Advanced Copy:
    On the [Copy Settings] page, you can set the copy amount and allow users to select the copy future. Also, you can set different parameters for each future such as the copy amount, leverage multiple, copy multiple rate, amount limit for a single copy, take profit ratio, stop loss ratio and so on:
    <1> 10 ≤ copy amount ≤ upper limit of trader copy limit (depending on the trader's level), and copy amount ≤ available amount of spot account;
    <2> You need to set the leverage multiple, copy multiple rate, the setting of the single copy limit, and the maximum copy amount limit in the basic copy parameters.
    <3> Select at least one future to copy. If the subsequent trader cancels the leading of this future, the original copiers will not be affected (keep the future in “selected” status). And the new copiers will use the new future list for operations selection.

    Full Copy Mode:
    In the full copy mode, the copier does not need to set the trading leverage, who will completely follow the leverage used by the trader. if the trader uses 100X leverage, the copier also uses 100X leverage, and the copier can break through the limits of original 20X leverage on BTC/ETH and 10X leverage on other contracts.

    3.2 Description of Setting Parameters
    Profit-sharing ratio: the user copies the trader, the profit-sharing ratio is set by the trader and cannot be modified by the user.
    Leverage multiple: the setting range is BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT with 1-20 times of the optional range and 1-10 times for other futures. (if the set leverage multiple is beyond the threshold, it will be automatically adjusted as the maximum value of the future).
    Copy Amount: This is mandatory, that is, the total amount that the user copies the trader, and the amount range will vary according to the level of the trader being copied.
    Copy Multiple Rate: This is mandatory, the range is 0.01-100, the number of copies of futures by the user = the number of futures placed by the trader * the copy multiple rate.
    Amount limit for a single copy: Required, the upper limit of the margin used for a single transaction of the future.
    Take Profit Ratio: Optional, which should be >0, when the profit ratio of the future ≥ the take profit ratio, the future will be cleared. If the trader increases the position, it will continue to follow.
    Stop Loss Ratio: This is optional, and should be 0-100%. When the loss ratio of the future is greater than or equal to the stop loss ratio, the future will be cleared. If the trader increases the position in the future, it will continue to follow.

    4. How to close a position?
    4.1 Manually stop copying
    The copiers can perform the [Stop Copy] operation on the current copy trader in the current copy trader management in [Copy Mode], and it will no longer follow the traders and immediately close a position for the current future at the market price. Also, the profit-sharing settlement will be carried out and the remaining funds will be returned to the user's spot account, with the profit share of the trader issued before 10:00 am the next day.

    4.2 Automatic stop copying
    The user can customize the time interval of 1-30 days ([30] by default ), If the copier does not make a trade at the specified time (e.g. 30 days), the copy will be stopped and the copied future will be automatically closed at the market price.

    5. Profit-sharing Rules
    The profits of the original closed positions to be distributed to the trader will be frozen first when all copied futures are cleared. After the unified settlement before 10:00 am the next day, the profit share will be carried out, with the total profit = total profit - total loss.
    If the copiers stop copying, the share settlement will be carried out immediately, the remaining funds will be returned to the copier's spot account, and the trader's profit share will be issued before 10:00 am the next day.
    Sharing Percentage: Traders can adjust the sharing percentage at any time, within the scope of their trader level authority:
    <1> Increase: the original copiers will not be affected, and the new copiers will use the new Sharing Percentage to copy.
    <2> Lower: the original copiers and the new copiers use the new sharing percentage to copy. The sharing profit for the trader = ∑ (single future win and loss amount * Sharing Percentage); if the sharing profit > 0, the profit share will be made immediately, If < 0, it will not, and the original frozen amount will be returned to the copiers’ account.

    How to check the profit: enter “Copy Trading-Trader Mode”, click and check “profit-sharing” to check the profit

    6. How to check the profit of a copy?
    In the order information of [Copy Mode], you can view the copy profit of each copied future (without deducting the profit-sharing).

    In the copy traders’ list of [Copy Mode], you can view the copy income data of the traders you follow.

    7. Notes For Copy
    <1> Traders who are already in copying are not allowed to be re-copied. Adjustment of the copying parameters are not supported for the time being. The trader can be copied again after the copying is over.
    <2> Traders with full slots are not allowed to be copied.
    <3> If the copier himself is also a trader, he cannot copy himself.
    <4> Without considering the copy multiple, leverage system and single transaction constraints, the copiers will copy the position change of the lead trader until the copy funds are not available. This can lead to inconsistent returns for copiers and traders.

    8. Qualifications and Obligations of Users
    <1> Be sure that you are an accredited investor who complies with the relevant transactions and relevant laws and regulations of this Agreement.
    <2> You must ensure that you are at least 18 years of age, with total capacity for civil rights and civil conduct, and sufficient knowledge and experience to understand the nature and risks of the products to be traded. You need to ensure that your account is not used by minors, otherwise, you need to bear all legal risks and liabilities arising therefrom.
    <3> You need to ensure that you are the legal owner of the funds you add to your Gate.io-related account and guarantee the legitimacy of the source of funds or digital assets. Also, you must not engage in illegal or criminal acts or behaviors of violations of public order and good customs through the platform. You are obliged to assist us in meeting our anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism compliance requirements. Therefore, you need to provide us with your personal information and guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of such personal information.
    <4> You are responsible for the personal information you provide to the platform, including documents and other related information, and ensure the authenticity, integrity, and reliability of such information. If the personal information you provide (such as trading experience, trading strategies, etc.) is insufficient or is not approved by the review, you will be restricted from trading on this website.
    <5> You must not submit other people's information (such as name, ID number, telephone number, email address, etc.), if the information you provide is inaccurate, illegal, or invalid, you will be restricted from accessing or using their products and services by this website.
    <6> You should ensure that any cryptocurrency withdrawal address you provide is owned by you and that you have full control over that address.

    9. Risk Disclosure and Disclaimer
    <1>You know and agree that we will not be liable for any loss caused by any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to:
    a. Loss of profits, goodwill, use of the platform services, data, etc., or other intangible or indirect damages of losses (whether or not we have been advised of the possibility of such damages).
    b. We have reasonable grounds to believe that there may be a material violation or breach of contract between you or a specific transaction related to you.
    c. We have reasonable grounds to believe that your actions on the platform are suspected of being illegal or improper operation.
    d. Fees and losses arising from acts or substitutions such as purchasing or obtaining any data, information, or transactions through the platform services;
    e. Your misunderstanding of the platform's copy trading service
    f. Any other losses related to the platform and the services that are not caused by the platform's copy trading services.
    g. Any partial or total loss resulting from your direct or indirect involvement in copy trading.
    h. Other losses not attributable to gross negligence of the platform or due to force majeure.

    <2> There are risks associated with the functions of copy trading, including but not limited to automated trading operations, i.e., your account can start and close trades without your manual intervention.
    <3> The delay of transactions in copy trading may cause high costs, and transactions in copy trading may fail.
    <4> Due to objective factors such as market changes and insufficient depth of market, your opening price, closing price, and PnL ratio may be different from other copiers or traders you follow. In extreme market conditions, these differences will widen.
    <5> You may not be able to do copy trading during maintenance due to unstable services provided by network operators or third parties, excessive system load, etc.
    <6> Due to the force majeure factors such as temporary adjustment of the exchange risk control rules, execution delay of system order, signal delay of external platform trading, API access restrictions, etc., it may lead to the delay, suspension, suspension or deviation in the execution of the copy service. We will try our best to ensure but do not promise the stability and effectiveness of the operation of the copy service execution system. Still, if the final execution result of the copy service is different from your expectations due to the above factors, we do not assume any responsibility.
    <7> Investment management services are at your own discretion and you make your own decision to copy specific traders and/or comply with specific trading strategies. In making this decision, you have considered your overall financial position, including financial planning, and understand the risks of using the copy trading functions.
    <8> The copy trading functions provided by the platform are for your reference only. If you make an investment decision based on the information provided on our website or through the information obtained through copy trading, you should be aware of the relevant risks in advance and bear all related losses yourself. We recommend that you seek professional advice before entering into any tradings in copy trading to reasonably estimate the risks.
    <9> You should make your own investment decision by your own independent judgment as to whether your investments, strategies, and any other products and services meet your own needs based on your investment objectives and personal financial situation.
    <10> You shall bear all the relevant responsibilities for losses caused by the use of automated operations of the copy trading functions.
    <11> Any information on the website or client terminal is intended to provide the public with the trading Posts and information services of traders and followers. This website does not provide investment advice in any form and does not imply the provision of such information or functionality in any way. As for the information you get from the platform or copy trading functions, you should conduct independent research and make your own investment decisions or seek professional advice.
    <12> We will not bear any loss caused by any unauthorized disclosure of transaction data or relevant information to the platform by a natural person or legal person.
    < 13> >The platform reserves the final right to interpret matters not covered in the law.

    10. Copy Trading-Copiers-FAQs

    10.1 Why is there an inconsistency between the ROI of traders and the ROI of copiers?

    <1> The different deposit amounts between the trader and the copier will lead to a different ROI. If the copier has insufficient funds, he will be unable to follow the trader in the follow-up trades.

    The current logic of the copiers: the copier follows the position change of the trader for as long as his/her copy funds’ balance allows. If the previous operation/trade of the trader occupies all of the copier’s funds, the copier cannot follow the subsequent trades of the trader. Follow the link for more details: Special Copy Trading Notes.

    <2> If a trader has an open future contract position before the copiers copy him, and adds a position after the copy user has copied, there will be different costs for the copiers and the trader on this same future, and different income after the position is closed.
    <3> The copiers set the copy leverage in the copy parameters, which results in different income between the trader and a copier after the position is closed.
    <4> The leverage of the copiers and traders is inconsistent. Currently, considering risk control, the maximum leverage of future copiers is 20 times, while the maximum leverage of some future traders is 100x, and the inconsistency of leverage may lead to inconsistent benefits between the two.
    <5> Copiers used the copy multiplier, which refers to the multiple of the trader's position change. For example, if you set 10 times, the trader adds 10 futures and the copier will increase the position 10 * 10 = 100 futures, and the copy multiplier can be set between 0.01 and 100. It is recommended to set the copy multiplier according to the fund amount of copiers and the proportion of funds of traders. For example, when the interest of the traders is 1000usdt, and the copiers' fund is 100usdt, it is recommended to set the copy multiplier to 0.1 (100/1000), and the copier's fund is 5000usdt. The copy rate can be set to 5 (5000/1000=5).

    10.2 What should a copier do to avoid the inconsistency between the ROI of traders and the ROI of copiers?

    The platform recommends that the copiers try to copy with the investment funds that are similar to the trader’s investment funds.

    10.3 How to calculate the copier’s income displayed on the copier’s user page? Why are the total copy earnings different from the sum of individual copy earnings?

    Copy Earnings of Copiers = Historical Earnings - The Fee Deducted from the Current Position - Profit Sharing.

    The historical earnings amount is equal to the sum of each copy ROI amount, as shown on the image above.

    Note that the unrealized P&L currently displayed on the copy page is not included in the copy earnings.

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