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    On Float Price & Trade Limits

    2021-08-30 02:11:44 UTCLido:21815
    Gate.io has introduced two new features - float price and trade limits - for verified merchants trading BTC_CNY and ETH_CNY.

    Example (trading ETH as a merchant):
    On the Gate.io P2P page, click "more" - "Buy as Merchant"

    1. Instructions on float price:
    ① Select "Float price"
    ② Set the floating trend, floating percentage, buy quantity, currency, minimum and maximum quantities per transaction, and hidden price. (When the selling price is lower than the hidden price or the buying price is higher than the hidden price, the order will not be displayed in the market.)
    Note: The fill price might be slightly different.

    2. Instructions on Trade Limits
    ① To place an order as a merchant, you can set the ID verification and VIP level of the counterparty you want to trade with, as shown in the following screenshot:

    ② ID verification: no restrictions, KYC1, KYC2; VIP level: above VIP1, above VIP5, above VIP10;
    ③If you exert limitations, your order will only be matched with those that meet these conditions;
    ④View restrictions: The red icon displayed in the order indicates that the order has set trade limits.

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