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    $1.68185 $ 1.68185
    +¥5204,24 -1.1% 1D
    1D 1M 1Y ALL
    Market Cap (USD)
    24H Volume
    Circulating Supply
    1.04B FLOW
    Max Supply
    1.36B FLOW
    All Time High

    About Flow (FLOW)

    Flow is a fast, decentralized, developer friendly blockchain designed to empower a new generation of games, applications and digital assets. Based on the unique multi-role architecture, it is designed to be scalable without sharding, which has greatly improved the speed and throughput, while maintaining a developer-friendly environment that conforms to ACID standards.

    Flow enables developers to build thriving crypto and encryptible businesses. The application in Flow allows consumers to control their own data. Flow creates new digital assets that can be traded on open markets that can be accessed anywhere in the world and establish an open economy owned by users to help users realize value.

    Flow on smart contracts can be assembled like Lego blocks, providing power for applications serving billions of people, from basketball fans to enterprises with mission critical requirements.

    How does Flow (FLOW) Work?

    Flow is the native token of the protocol and has the following use cases:

    Network service payment: all activities need to pay transaction fees in FLOW tokens, including creating new user accounts, storing assets, and interacting with smart contracts.

    Deposit for data storage: users need to use the FLOW tokens to reserve the storage capacity on the chain. An account with a high FLOW balance will get more storage capacity, which may be required by some developers or applications.

    Verification node: token holders can run the validator node and stake FLOW tokens, which helps protect the network and obtain additional FLOW. Alternatively, users can delegate their tokens to a third-party operator to run the validator node on their behalf.

    Collateral for secondary Tokens: key service protocols are encouraged to "inject" their tokens through a joint curve mechanism with native FLOW tokens. The main benefits of injecting tokens include improving liquidity, reducing volatility, using FLOW tokens as collateral, and participating in Flow governance through secondary tokens.

    Governance: token holders can participate in online voting through the signaling mechanism. Although the voting results are not binding at present, they are publicly visible and will guide the work of the development team. Initially, FLOW stakeholders will vote to select a representative committee that can make daily decisions.

    What is Flow (FLOW) ?

    Flow is a blockchain designed from scratch for mainstream adoption, and it is the only blockchain that integrates usability improvement into the protocol layer. Top developers and some world-class brands have been built on the basis of Flow and realized a new experience through top-level content.

    In the existing blockchain, there are four pillars that make Flow unique.

    Multi-role structure: the design of the Flow chain is very unique, allowing the network to expand without sharding and without reducing the degree of consensus decentralization to serve billions of users.

    Resource Oriented programming: the smart contract on the Flow chain is written by Cadence, which is a more convenient and secure programming language for crypto assets and applications.

    Developer ergonomics: from scalable smart contracts to built-in logging support to Flow simulators, Flow's network design is result-driven.

    Introduction to consumers: Flow chain is designed for mainstream consumers. Its payment Onramps provides a safe and low friction platform for exchanging fiat currency for tokens.

    Development trend analysis of Flow (FLOW)

    Flow (FLOW) Crypto Wallet

    In addition to placing FLOW in the Gate.io exchange to facilitate trading, FLOW can also be placed in the crypto wallet.

    Flow wallet is an application that allows access to your Flow account, allows you to send and receive funds, and enables you to interact with Flow applications. You can create a Flow account through the wallet, read address, balance and transaction history, transfer tokens from one account to another, display NFTs and explore NFT collections, use the Flow application for authentication and send transactions, etc.

    The wallet is just a tool to manage your Flow account. You can manage your account from different wallets. You can choose different Flow officially approved decentralized wallets, which are fully compatible with FLOW, but each wallet has its own characteristics and supports different functions. For example:

    1. Blocko is a hosted online wallet that supports iOS and Android
    2. Ledger provides hardware Wallet
    3. Dapper Wallet is a hosted Internet wallet
    4. Lilico is an unmanaged Internet wallet focusing on NFT
    5. Finoa provides institutional level hosted wallets

    Flow Market

    Currency Price 24H Change Action
    3X Margin
    $1.68185 -1.1% Trade
    $1.681 -0.94% Trade
    $1.68185 -1.1% Trade

    Flow News

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    CoinShares reported that a record amount of funds flowed into Short Bitcoin Funds

    TL: DR Mixed reactions on Bitcoin as investors seem to keep losing trust judging from the new inflow and shorting trends. Last week saw an increase in funds inflow for Bitcoin, but most of it went into short Bitcoin funds. A record high of $93m C...
    Source: Gate.blog Posted: 2022-09-30
    Bitcoin Outflow Reached $21million

    Bitcoin Outflow Reached $21million

    [TL;DR] Bitcoin has been experiencing a consistent outflow since the beginning of the month totaling $21 million in the first two weeks and $15 million in the third week. Bitcoin inflow indicates that the crypto is being deposited on exchanges, while Outflow means more Bitcoin is being transfe...
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    Daily Flash | Flow Skyrocketed Amid Zuckerberg’s Announcement of NFT Integration Across 100 Countries, Crypto Market Continues Trading Sideway with Lower Volume and Volatility

    Daily Flash | Flow Skyrocketed Amid Zuckerberg’s Announcement of NFT Integration Across 100 Countries, Crypto Market Continues Trading Sideway with Lower Volume and Volatility

    Today's Headline - FLOW jumps 50% amid Instagram adoption euphoria Meta's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, confirmed that the social media giant has started to roll out non-fungible tokens (NFT) across 100 countries in Africa, the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas in a...
    Source: Gate.blog Posted: 2022-08-05
    Instagram Adds Flow Blockchain NFTs, FLOW Token Pumps 44%

    Instagram Adds Flow Blockchain NFTs, FLOW Token Pumps 44%

    Instagram’s NFT initiative now includes more than 100 countries, including collectibles from the Flow blockchain.
    Source: decrypt Posted: 2022-08-04
    Instagram to support Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow

    Instagram to support Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow

    Instagram to allow users to display NFTs supported by the Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Flow Blockchain. A trial will be held, with just a select group of NFTs enthusiasts from the United States participating. CEO of Instagram’s Mother Company Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, already gave a hint abou...
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    Daily Flash | Do Kwon proposed the plan of "rebuilding Terra";The weekly net inflow of the cryptocurrency market hits a new high this year

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    Source: Gate.blog Posted: 2022-05-17
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