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    OKB is a global utility token issued by OK Blockchain Foundation. It is a token economy _ designed and launched by our world-class developme...



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    Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root DNS naming zo...



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  • OKB: 47,104,884 votes

  • Handshake: 656,748 votes

Campaign Instruction

1. Time: UTC 04:00,February 17th - UTC 04:00 February 18th, 2020

2. Airdrop Amount:
_1_ If OKB becomes the winner, the trading service of OKB/USDT will be available on In the meantime, we will enable the trading service of HNS/BTC only for professional traders and the HNS community. Each voter has a chance _about 20%_ of receiving 5,000 OKB airdrop as per the Listing Vote Scheme.

_2_ If Handshake becomes the winner, the trading service of HNS/USDT will be available on Each voter has a chance _about 20%_ of receiving 20,000 HNS airdrop as per the Listing Vote Scheme.

3.Participants: all the GT holders on 1 GT=1 vote

4.Vote allocation: For every participant, their vote equals the average 14-day GT holding _including assets in Lending/Borrowing Market, and the GT bought with USDT borrowed from Margin Trading_ however, GT borrowed from Margin Trading is not allowed_. The user’s votes will be calculated based on the average 14-day GT holding within two hours after the listing vote. Thus, please don’t make any changes to your GT holding before the counting of the votes.

For example, Bob is a new GT holder, and he buys and holds 14000GT one day before the sale. Therefore, his average 14-day GT holding will be 1000GT -14000GT/14 days and he will have 1000 votes.

5.Every real-name participant can only vote with his GT and for one of the projects.

6.In each listing vote, the project that gets the most votes, wins_ the winner will be the project which has more supporters, depending on the "vote allocation" as mentioned in point 2. After the listing vote, the trading of the winning token will be available on

7.After the listing vote, all voters have a chance to win an airdrop of the project token through lottery. Meanwhile, the time for trading, withdrawal and deposit of the token will be released.

8.The return of GT and holding requirements: after the listing vote, the voter_s GT will be returned to his account. The GT holding of the voter should be higher than the number of his votes within two hours after the activity. Otherwise, the number of the votes will be counted based on the real-time GT holding when the vote counting begins.

9.Rewards in the Listing Vote:

(1)Among the top 1000 voters, 10 voters will be randomly selected whose VIP levels will be upgraded by 3 tiers.

(2)After each listing vote, the token of the winner will be airdropped. All voters will have a chance _e.g., 20%_ to win the token. The airdrop of the token will be ratioed according to how many votes of the voter account for the votes of the winner.