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    Gate.io Bi-Weekly Report (January 01-15, 2023)

    2023-01-17 15:52:33 UTCLezen:8969

    The Gate.io bi-weekly report brings you all the updates on the trending events and new developments on Gate.io to help you stay in the loop.

    A quick recap of the most significant events from January 01 to January 15, 2022:

    * Listed some Startup Projects and new tokens;

    * Launched many trading competitions and activities;

    * Launched a few financial products in “Hodl & Earn”;

    * Launched some mining pools with rewards;

    1. Successfully Listed Some Startup Projects on Gate.io

    From January 01 to January 15, Gate.io listed many projects on our Startup platform, including AMKT, KCAL, D2T, IAZUKI, WSI, IBAYC, ITRUMP, TOMI. Gate.io Startup is a token launch platform for innovative & advanced projects.

    More Startup Projects: https://www.gate.io/startup

    2. Listed Some New Tokens on Gate.io

    From January 01 to January 15, Gate.io launched some new projects, including IMPT, BONK. IBAYC, WSI, FLR, RPL, KCAL, IAZUKI, D2T, AMKT.
    Trade at: https://www.gate.io/trade/BTC_USDT

    More Details: https://www.gate.io/articlelist/ann

    3. Held Several Trading Competitions on Gate.io

    From January 01 to January 15, we held 4 trading competitions, including: IMPT, WSI, MATCH, D2T. The total prize pool is $78,000.

    View More Activities: https://www.gate.io/competition/center/home?typeId=1

    4. Launched a Few Financial Products in “Hodl & Earn”on Gate.io

    From January 01 to January 15, Gate.io launched a few financial products in “Hodl & Earn”, including

    • Lock & Earn: HIBS, CTG, VXT, ISK

    • Flexible Staking: IMPT, WSI, MATCH, MART, ZBC

    The APR is up to 200%.

    More Details: https://www.gate.io/hodl

    5. Launched Many Activities on Gate.io

    From January 01 to January 15, Gate.io held a total of 26 activities with a $721,500 rewards pool.

    ·Jan 02, Double Earning Monday #17:Double the stable profit and High APR

    ·Jan 04 - Feb 04, Create promotion video for Gate.io Startup , win iPhone 14

    ·Jan 04 - Jan 11, Gate.io Will List Bonk (BONK): Deposit to Win a Share of $20,000 Mega Rewards

    ·Jan 04 - Jan 11, Gate.io Weekly Joy: Lend & Share $45,000

    ·Jan 04 - Jan 24, Gate.io New Year Grand Celebration: $200,000 Gifts Up for Grabs

    ·Jan 05 - Jan 26, Tournament for Premium And Stable Lead Traders! Double Profits & Reduced Fees!

    ·Jan 05 - Jan 15, Copy Trading-Upgrade Competition Faster And Easier To Upgrade: Copy Trading Lead Traders_ Quick-upgrade Competition #9

    ·Jan 06 - Jan 09, Gate NFT Outstanding Artist FreeMint Project Phase 48 WolfNFT CLUB, Collect works to win cash prizes!

    ·Jan 04 - Jan 11, Gate.io Lock USDT & Earn: 150% APR Exclusively for New Users

    ·Jan 09 - Jan 15, Weekly MegaCash - Free to earn! Week 7: $75,000 for 1 and $20 for 5 lucky participants!

    ·Jan 09 - Jan 16, Double Earning Monday #18:Increase high profits up to 200%

    ·Jan 09 - Jan 23, Gate.io Copy Trading: Rising Star Lead Traders_ Exposure Competition! #8

    ·Jan 10 - Jan 24, Wanted: Recommend Premium Lead Traders & Share Big Prize Pools #2

    ·Jan 10 - Apr 10, EXCLUSIVE $100,000 PRIZE POOL FOR P2P USERS

    ·Jan 11 - Jan 20, 10x Auto-Investment Bonuses; HODL & Enjoy $50,000

    ·Jan 12, VIP Sharing Campaign Upgrade, 60 Days VIP+1 Trial Period and Cash Rewards!

    ·Jan 12 - Jan 19, Gate.io IP sticker making campaign

    ·Jan 12 - Jan 20, The More You Read, the More You Earn | Win More Than $30,500 Through Simple Tasks

    ·Jan 13, Lend Your Spare Assets, Earn Interest & Get $5 Reward

    ·Jan 13, Gate Learn Campus Ambassador Assembly Order! Find your new Web3 opportunity!

    ·Jan 13 - Jan 16, Learning Time: Complete Tasks to Share $1,000 in Airdrops

    ·Jan 13 - Jan 18, Gate.io Lock USDT & Earn: 150% APR Exclusively for New Users

    ·Jan 13 - Jan 20, Gateway to Crypto, Win $100,000 from Futures Trading

    ·Jan 13 - Feb 04, Copy Premium Lead Traders & Win Incentive Funds for "Check-in"

    ·Jan 13 - Feb 12, Grid Trading Tournament #4! Share $100,000; Join Without Investment!

    ·Jan 14 - Feb 12, Gate.io Crypto Crush Game 2.0: More Game Modes, Play to Earn 1 BTC

    ·Gate.io Announcement on Receiving of $15 Points Bonus for Blog Invitation with One-Click

    6. Gate.io Blog

    From January 01 to January 15 , we released a number of blog articles:

    Daily News | Ready, Set, Inflation Watch, Meanwhile BTC and ETH Surge as AVAX Takes Flight with AWS Partnership

    Daily News | Global Equities Rise Ahead of US CPI, Crypto Mixed But Mining Stocks Continued Gains, BitDAO Launches Testnet for Mantle Project

    Daily News | Mining Stocks Soared Though Crypto Gains Have Been Subdued As Fed Officials Signaled Interest Rates Above 5%

    Gate.io Introduces Margin Sharing with Portfolio Margin Account

    Gate Learn: Expand Your Knowledge or Earn Crypto for Sharing

    View More: https://www.gate.io/blog

    7. Gate.io Upgrade & Support

    ·Gate.io Supports Token Migration from Dogs of Elon (DOE) to Kudoe (KDOE)

    ·Gate.io Supports the Flare Network (FLR) Airdrop to XRP (XRP) Holders

    ·Gate.io Supports Token Migration from Mainframe (MFT) to Finance (HIFI)

    ·Gate.io Scheduled USDT and BTC Margined Perps Trading Engine Upgrade ( 5 Jan, 14:00-14:10 UTC)

    ·Gate.io Supports the ShopNEXT (NEXT) Token Swap

    ·Gate.io Supports Upcoming Flow (FLOW) Upgrade

    ·Gate.io Supports Upcoming Polygon (MATIC) Upgrade

    View More: https://www.gate.io/articlelist/ann

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    Gate.io Team
    January 17th, 2023

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