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    How to Conduct Margin Trading on web (video)
    Updated at:165 days 21 hours ago

    Use the margin trading functionality for high risk & high rewards ( Video)

    Step 1: Log in to your account. Click on "Margin Trading" under "Trade" on the top navigation bar. You can either choose "standard" or "professional" version. This tutorial uses standard version.

    Step 2: Search and enter the pair you want to trade. (GT_USDT as an example here) img

    Step 3: Click on "Funds transfer" and proceed as follows

    ① Determine the transfer direction ② Select the coin to be transferred ③ Enter the volume of the transaction ④ Click on "Transfer Now"

    Step 4: Click on "Get loan" to borrow GT or USDT. Here you can view the loans of your account. img

    Step 5: Choose from "buy" and "sell" according to which currency you have borrowed. Set buying/selling prices and buying/selling amount (or exchange total). You can also click on the last prices on the order book to set the buying/selling price conveniently. Then click on "Buy"/"Sell".

    (Note: The percentages under the "Amount" box refer to certain percentages of the account balance.) img

    Step 6: Confirm the price and amount. Then click on "Confirm Order".


    Step 7: After successfully placing an order, you will be able to view it in "My Orders" at the bottom of the page. You can also cancel the order here by clicking on "Cancel". img


    1.When the price rises, go long to make profits. 2.When the price falls, go short to make profits. 3.By introducing leverage, if the market trend goes as expected, the gains will be amplified, but if the market trend goes the opposite of the expectation, the losses will be also be amplified. Please stay vigilant and manage risks when necessary.

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