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Guidelines for Unlimited Grid Trading
Updated at:65 days 9 hours ago
4. Guidelines for Unlimited Grid Trading

1)What is Unlimited Grid Trading?

Unlimited grid trading is a spot grid with no price cap. It’s considered a strategy utilized to make sure the total amount of assets remains the same while the price keeps rising. It adopts an equal-ratio approach to place orders, selling more than the initial value of digital assets each time the coin’s price rises, and buying the corresponding amount of assets when the price falls.

For example:
We set up an infinite grid trading strategy when GT is at 100 USDT and set 10% profit per grid. The initial holding is 10 GT( equivalent to 1000 USDT), and when GT price reaches 110 USDT, the value of GT held in hand is 1100 USDT. In order to maintain the value of GT at 1000 USDT, the current strategy will sell a fraction of GT worth 100 USDT. The GT held is then reduced to 8.9 GT. If the GT price continues to rise, GT worth more than 1000 USDT will be sold continuously. Not all GT will be sold, because the overall value of GT should stay at 1000 USDT. Conversely, when the GT price drops to 90 USDT, the value of the GT is 900 USDT; in order to keep the value of the GT at 1000 USDT, it will automatically buy a fraction of GT worth 100 USDT and the amount of GT holding then increases to 11 GT. If the GT price keeps on falling, the strategy will continue to buy the corresponding quantity of GT to maintain the overall value at 1000 USDT, until the price of GT falls below the set lower limit price.

2) When to get started with Unlimited Grid Trading?
Unlimited grid trading is designed to address the problem of the price breaking through the grid cap that causes users to step out of the market during a period of low volatility in the market. This strategy keeps digital assets at a fixed value under rising market conditions. It will prevent all the assets from being sold and it will help users gradually arbitrage away from the market.

3) Operational procedure for Unlimited Grid Trading

Navigation - click on "Copy Trading" - "Create A New Strategy" - Select "System Recommended Strategy" - Click "Create Strategy" on the "Unlimited Grid" column - Select a trading pair - Set the parameters - Click "Create", as shown in the images below.

4) Unlimited grid parameter Price on lower limit: The lower limit price is the minimum price for executing grid transactions. If it is lower than this price, no further bids will be placed. The lower limit price must be above 0.

Yield per grid: Yield per grid is the profit margin (including trading fees) after executing a grid sale. The yield needs to be above 0.4 and below 100.

Trigger price: The grid strategy will only run when the latest price is no greater than the trigger price. When creating a strategy, the trigger price has to be set below the latest price.

Breaking below the lower limit: The strategy will auto-terminate without selling the token holdings when the latest price breaks the lower price limit.

Stop-loss: The strategy will auto-terminate when the latest price breaks below the stop-loss price.
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