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How To Lend?(Video)

Using lending service on, you can offer your loan to margin traders and earn interest.

1.On website, Go to Margin Trading-Spearhead margin lending on (Video)>Lending on home page, and choose the coin you want to lend.

Take USDT as an example

Or Click Wallets tab and then go to your Lending Account .Click the Lend button of the coin you want to lend to access to the lending page

2. On the Lending page, fill the loan Offer form.

Enter the amount you want to lend and the interest rate. Duration is 10 days by default.

If you prefer to allow the to place the loan offer automatically when this order is expired, turn Auto-Renew on.

Then click OK button. A screen will popup asking for fund password.

3. Enter your fund password and click Submit button. You will see a message displays at the lower left corner. The lending order is placed successfully.

And you can check it on the Lend History at the bottom of the page.

4.If this loan is borrowed by other users, it will go to Collecting tab, and begin to incur interest.

Please note:

1. Borrowers are allowed to repay loan earlier without penalty fee

2.Your interest is calculated by day. 24 Hours make a day. Less than 24 hours is also calculated as a day.