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    About HODL & Earn
    Updated at:48 days 20 hours ago
    HODL & Earn is a one-stop platform that offers various investment products, including flexible and fixed-term products. Flexible-term products can be flexibly engaged and accessed at any time; fixed-term products are automatically unlocked and redeemed only after maturity, and the interest rates are generally higher than flexible-term products.

    Each product has its own investment cycle and APR, and users can successfully subscribe when the minimum size of the position is met. Rules of return vary depending on which product users choose, and they can view them on the relevant page.

    What is Earn Daily

    Earn Daily is a product that allows users to earn rewards by staking corresponding assets. Trending coins are available. Currently, Earn Daily supports both DeFi and Staking modes, and earnings are distributed at expiration or daily.

    What is Lock & Earn

    Lock & Earn is also a product that allows users to earn rewards by staking corresponding assets, but it supports more coins and has more time frames. Moreover, users can earn higher interest rates.

    What is Flexible Staking

    Flexible Staking is a product that allows users to earn rewards by holding corresponding coins without locking the coin. Users just need to register. And they can sell and withdraw their assets at any time. Currently, the interest of flexible staking products is calculated based on average holdings of the last 7 days, borrowed assets excluded.

    What are structured products?

    Structured products are prepackaged investments that include assets linked to interest and derivatives. Compared with traditional current and term products, structured products feature the risks and returns of derivatives on the basis of the originally fixed income. Therefore, the yield to maturity of structured products is not fixed but generally varies with the price of the underlying assets. Structured products can be divided into principal guaranteed and aggressive types as per the risk level.

    Currently, what is listed on Gate.io are sharkfin products. All are capital-guaranteed ones. Users can participate and earn guaranteed returns.

    *Income of structured products = returns of fixed-income products + returns of derivatives

    What's Dual Currency?

    As the name implies, a dual currency product is a short-term investment product involving two distinct cryptocurrencies. It is a non-principal protected wealth management product with floating return- that is, the returns adjust based on predetermined benchmarks called “linked price”.

    The rate of return provided by dual currency products varies with the market, but it is fixed after the investor confirms the purchase. Once the purchase is successful, the order is irrevocable, and it does not support early redemption before it expires. After the purchase, the investor can surely obtain the fixed minimum return of the original investment currency at settlement, but the investment currency may also be converted into another currency due to market fluctuations. This is the main reason which attracts some investors who regard dual investment as trading with high interest.

    Note: In essence, dual investment is a product combined with options. When the conditions are met, the underlying purchase and sale will happen.

    What's Liquidity Mining?

    Every market that supports AMM (Automated Market Maker) has a corresponding liquidity pool. Users can become Liquidity Providers (LP) by providing liquidity to the pool, indirectly becoming a market maker and earning commission dividends from trading fees, which is known as liquidity mining.

    What's Lending & Single-Asset Vault?

    Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault is a type of Liquidity Mining, but slightly simpler and with operational differences. Liquidity mining involves two coins, and users earn income from transaction fees and incentives. Lending & Single-Asset Vault involves a single coin, and users earn from lending interests. The interest rate varies with the demand and supply of currencies. Specifically, when the liquidity is insufficient, the interest rate will rise to encourage lenders to deposit. On the contrary, when the liquidity is abundant, the interest rate will fall to encourage borrowers to borrow. There should always be some kind of balance in the pool in order to make it sustainable.
    Gate.io has gone live with multiple single-asset lending & liquidity pools where users can earn revenues by depositing tokens to provide liquidity. Users can deposit and withdraw their assets at any time.

    What are parachains/slot auction?

    Slot auctions are an enhanced bidding method based on candle auctions. Polkadot Slot refers to Polkadot Parachain Slot, which is the interface between the Polkadot network relay chain and parallel chain. The Polkadot network is linked to other blockchain projects through multiple parachains to increase the throughput of transactions. The relay chain is the central chain of the Polkadot network, which verifies the parachains, provides consensus and ensures security. The parachain needs to be connected to the Polkadot relay chain through a "slot".

    We can compare the relationship between slots, parachains and relay chains to that of home appliances: the relay chain is like a circuit, the slot is a socket, and the parachain is a variety of home appliances. All home appliances need to connect to the circuit to enter the circuit ecology.

    Due to the limited resources of the Polkadot network, the relay chain cannot maintain the shared security of a large number of parachains, so the slot is designed as the "entrance" of the parachain. In the initial stage, the number of slots is very limited. Users need to bid for the slots by participating in the auction and lock the DOT tokens for a certain period to obtain the right to use the slots.

    What's Crypto Lending?

    Crypto lending is a form of investment where investors lend money to borrowers on a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange or CEX, like Gate.io and obtain the principal and interest at maturity.

    What is Cloud Mining?

    Cloud mining is a remote mining mode. Users lease computing power for mining by purchasing cloud computing power contracts. Users do not need to have an in-depth understanding of mining principles and various software and hardware, and do not need to purchase expensive mining machines, nor do they need to maintain mining machines. As long as they place an order to purchase a computing power contract, they can participate in mining and enjoy mining revenue.

    *Learn more at Gate Learn
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