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    How to Create Sub Accounts
    Updated at:8 days 5 hours ago

    What are subaccounts?

    Subaccounts are designed to make it easier for users to manage their assets. Subaccounts are created under the main account. There may be multiple subaccounts subject to a main account to facilitate investments and asset management.

    The maximum number of subaccounts users can create (based on VIP tier):
    VIP1~VIP4 users: 5 subaccounts.
    VIP5~VIP9 users: 20 subaccounts.
    VIP10~VIP11 users: 100 subaccounts.
    VIP12 users: 200 subaccounts.
    VIP13 users: 500 subaccounts.
    VIP14 users: 800 subaccounts.
    VIP15~VIP16 users: 1400 subaccounts.

    Please note that the subaccount feature is only open to users at or above VIP1.

    How to create a subaccount on the website

    Step 1: Log into your account, hover the cursor over the profile icon on the top right and go to "subaccount management".

    Step 2: Click on the blue button "+Create subaccount".

    Step 3: Set your subaccount username (It must be letters or a combination of letters and numbers). Click "Check if it's available", choose "Standard Subaccount" or "Managed Subaccount" (this type allows users to make trade permission settings), write a remark or leave it blank, and then click "Confirm & Create" button. If you don't want the login password, email address, Google authentication and fund password to be the same as your main account, you may set them separately.

    Step 4: Then you need to complete 2FA authentication. You can either use Google or your phone number to verify it. Just enter the corresponding verification code and click on "Confirm" to finish this.

    Step 5: Once a subaccount is set up, you can go to "subaccount management" to transfer funds to it.

    ①Click on the "transfer" button following the subaccount.
    ②Switch to set the direction of the transfer.
    ③Select the currency to be transferred. ④Input the amount of the transfer. ⑤Click on "Confirm".

    Settings of the subaccount:

    1.Click on "APIs" to create API Key for the subaccount.

    2.Click on "Manage"-"Withdrawal Addresses Whitelist" to add withdrawal addresses to the subaccount.

    3.The main account can choose to activate any sub accounts' activities or freeze them to ban them from logging in, trading and using API. (The freeze will come into force in 3 minutes.)

    Subaccount Settings (on app)

    Open Gate.io mobile app. Click on the top-left profile icon to enter User Center. Then go to "Account Info" - "Subaccount Management".

    Having entered the "Subaccount Management" main page, you will see.

    ① Transfer: To transfer assets between your main account and subaccounts, select the currency you wish to transfer and enter the amount. Click "Transfer Now" to confirm the transfer.

    ② Frozen: Once you confirm freezing a subaccount, it will be frozen in 3 minutes.

    You can also unfreeze subaccounts that you froze before.

    ③ One-Click Switch: Not available on app yet. Please go to the Gate.io website to use this function.

    ④ Account Records:

    Limitations of subaccounts

    To ensure asset security in your main account, the asset of your subaccounts can only be transferred to and from your main account. The following are banned for subaccounts: P2P trading, withdrawal (if the recipient address is not whitelisted), GateCode, Gate.io Points transfer, red envelopes (in Chatroom and live streams). Subaccounts cannot be accessed on Gate.io mobile app.


    1.Handling fee discount: Subaccount inherits the main account's VIP tier and therefore enjoys the same amount of handling fee discount.

    2.Upgrade: VIP tier of the subaccount follows the main account. The transaction volume of the subaccount will be counted into the main account.

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