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    Guide to Flash Swap (on web)
    Updated at:4 days 23 hours ago

    1.What is Flash Swap?

    Flash Swap helps users swap one currency for another in one click. The quotation is generated by the trading . After the user confirms the swap, the settlement will be completed automatically in the user’s spot account. No fees will be charged in the process.

    2. How do I use Flash Swap?

    Make a request for Flash Swap on the website or app ➪ review the swap result ➪ swap settles in spot account

    3. What are the minimum and maximum amounts of monetary value for each swap?

    The minimum is 10 USD. The maximum varies from currency to currency, but the exact maximum value will be displayed on the screen when you make the swap.

    4. How do I calculate the price?

    There is a certain difference between the flash swap price and the spot price. If you are buying a currency, the price will be slightly higher than the spot price; if you are selling a currency, the price will be slightly lower than the spot price.

    5. How do I view my Flash Swap history?

    Log in to your Gate.io account and click on this link.

    6. How do I deposit and withdraw in Flash Swap?

    Flash swap transactions are settled directly in your spot account. You only need to deposit or withdraw funds in your spot account.

    7.Why do I see "Inadequate balance"?

    When making a certain transaction using Flash Swap, your spot account must have sufficient corresponding assets. For example, if you want to exchange GT for 1 BTC, and the BTC flash swap price is 10,000GT, your spot wallet needs to hold at least 10,000GT available balance to successfully confirm the flash transaction.

    Step-by-step tutorial on Flash Swap

    Step 1: Log in to your account. Go to "Trade" - "Convert".

    Step 2: If you plan to buy/sell a currency, choose the currency and enter the amount you want to buy/sell. The swap result will be calculated and displayed on the page immediately after you entered the amount in the "From"/"To" box. Click on "Confirm" if you are happy with the swap result.

    Step 3: After the swap is done, go to "Order" - “Classic Account”- "Flash Swap" to access trade history.

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