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    How to Download Billing History
    Updated at:15 days 5 hours ago

    How to view and download personal billing history on the Gate.io website:

    1.Log in to your Gate.io account. Find "Funds Overview" under "Wallet" on the navigation bar. Go to "Funds Overview" and find "Billing Details" on the left menu bar.

    2.Choose which bill you want to view under the "Billing Details" section. Then apply filters (coins, filter and time period) to screen out the bills you requested. If you want to download the billing history, just click on "Download" or "Request batch data".

    3.The "Request batch data" feature allows you to submit an application for downloading a batch bill as per coin and time period.

    4.To view or download trade history, go to "Spot Orders" under "Order" on the navigation bar. Find "Trade History" under "Spot Orders" and then you can view trade history in your chosen market and time period. Click on the "download" button on top right to export trade history.


    1.Only the trade history of spot orders can be downloaded. 2.Users can download trade history 30 times maximum in a single day.

    How to Download Historical Quotation Data

    1.Log into Gate.io website, scroll down to the bottom, and click "Developers(API)".

    2.There are "Download" buttons for "Historical quotation data" of "Spot&Margin" and "Pertetual". Hit the download button to access datasets.

    3.Fill in the information needed to generate the CSV file.

    ① Choose whether you want to access data from "Spot&Margin" trading, or "USDT Settled Perpetual Contracts, or "BTC Settled Perpetual Contracts". ② Select data type. ③ Select market. ④ Select time period. ⑤ Confirm that the information in all boxes are filled correctly and hit "Download".

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