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    Startup FAQ
    Updated at:21 days 18 hours ago

    1. How can I be VIP 1 to participate in Startups?

    To become a VIP1 user, there are 3 options, you can choose any one:

    - Trading volume for 30 days should be 60,000 USD while holding 20 GT Tokens.
    - Holding 100 GT for 24 hours in Spot account
    - Spot Account value reaches 2,000 USD or above for 24 hours.

    Read More here:

    2. Do I need to complete KYC to participate in Startups?

    Yes, KYC is required to participate in all Startup subions.

    3. How many shares can I place?

    * Max claimable shares = the square of the VIP level * 10

    4. Do I need to pay for the Startup subion? Are there any trading fees charged?

    There are three types of Startup:
    •DAO Lockup
    Participants do not need to pay any funds for their order in the Airdrop round Startup. For Discount and DAO Lockup, they offer users the opportunity to invest in potential projects at their early stage with a competitive price.

    5. How many Tokens can I get from a Startup sale?

    Token Received = (Your qualified copies / Total qualified copies) * Startup Total Supply

    6. Is the Startup participation on a “first come, first served” basis?

    No, when the subion ends, all the allocation will be split based on the number of participants and their ratio of subion shares.

    7. Why can’t I get my Startup tokens even if I’m a VIP1 and have placed the maximum orders?

    Users need to ensure that there is sufficient balance (exceeding the purchase value) in the account after placing the orders until we announce the sale result. An insufficient balance will result in the cancellation of the purchase order.

    8. How many times can I participate in Startups?

    You can participate in the same Startup only once with each KYC account. But you can participate in other Startups in progress.

    9. When will I get Startup tokens?

    The final sale result will be announced before trading starts.

    10. How can I participate in Startups?

    Please kindly check this video tutorial:


    1. The rules for each Startup can be different. Please refer to the relevant announcements.
    2. Most of the projects are start-up blockchain projects in their early phases. The operation of the project, the underlying technology, the legal and regulatory environment, etc. may be flawed. Please invest rationally.

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