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How to trade with Perpetual Contract? (Video)
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Level up with Perpetual Contracts for high returns (Video)

1. Transfer funds to Perpetual Contract Account

Step 1 On homepage, click on Contracts tab and select Perpetual Contract in the drop-list.

Step 2 On the left panel of a perpetual contract page, click Funds Transfer button

Step3 on the pup-up screen, fill the amount of BTC you want to transfer or click All to auto-fill all of your available balance.

Note: the amount should not exceeds your transferable BTC, that is the maximum BTC available to transfer. And the maximum BTC you can transfer is 3 BTC.

Step 4 Click OK button to confirm the transfer.

A transfer success message will display at the lower left corner of the page and the available balance will update

Please also note, the Fund transfer direction can be changed. You can transfer from Contract account to exchange account later with the same button. click on the double-arrow on the transfer screen and you can change the fund transfer direction.

2. Place an order to enter a position

Step 1 Click on the black triangle on a perpetual contract and select contract you want to enter into from the drop-list.

Step 2 On the left panel of your perpetual contract page, you can choose to place either a limit order or a market order.

If choose limit order, you can further choose other settings, such as Iceberg order type or post only order type.

Step 3 Click Buy or Sell button to place your order.

Step 4 A screen will display and ask you to confirm your order. Double check and click the same button again to confirm.

Step 5 If your order does not fill fully, it will display at My Order tab as an active order. When it fills fully, it will display at Order History tab.

Step 6 When your order fill,you will have an open position under Positions tab.The position information will also display at the left-panel of the page.

You can adjust the leverage on the left panel to adjust the allocated margin to this position.

3 View your Loss and Gain

For open position, check it under Positions tab. For closed position, check realized profit and loss under Closed Position tab.

Positive (green) indicates a gain while negative( red) indicates a loss

For an open position:

unrealized P&N : The calculated PNL on the assumption the position is closed at current mark price.

Realized P&N: The commissions(receive or pay), funding fees(if applicable) and loss or gain from partial closing the position

Build up your position: Enter into more of this contract of the same direction(long/short)

Reduce your position: Enter into contract of the apposite direction to reduce the open position you are holding.

4. How to Close your position

You can close your position in two ways:

Method 1 Under the Positions tab, set close position order with either limit order or market order.

Method 2 On the left panel, place an order in the attempt to enter into opposite position with the same quantity as your open position.

Please note,either way, the close position order can not guarantee that your position will be closed immediately. You have to pay close attention to it and adjust the price or strategy in time.

Closed position can be viewed under Closed Position tab

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