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    Step-by-step Instructions on Instant Trade/Buy with Credit Cards (on App)
    Updated at:4 days 6 hours ago
    There are three different approaches you can choose to buy cryptocurrencies on Gate.io

    Instant Trade:

    1. On the Gate.io app, click "P2P Trade" or "P2P" on the "Markets" page or "P2P" on the "Wallet" page.

    2. On the "Instant" page, choose a currency you want to buy from USDT/DOGE/ETH/BTC. You can choose to buy by payment amount or by quantity.

    Let's take buying USDT by quantity as an example:
    Choose USDT as the currency and enter an amount in the "Payment amount" box. The quantity will be calculated and displayed automatically. Then click "0 handing charge purchase".

    3. If all the information is correct, click "BUY NOW" and enter the fund password to place the order.

    4.Once the order is successfully placed, the system will execute the order if there is a matching one. Once it is matched, you will see a "pending payment" notice in the top-right corner. You can also view the matched order from "Unpaid/Paid".

    5. On the "Pending Payment" page, you can see receiving details of the seller. Please complete the payment within 20 minutes and then click "Payment Completed".

    (Note: The buyer should complete payment within 20 minutes manually after the order is matched (Payment is not executed automatically by Gate.io) and click "Payment Completed". Or else, the order will be canceled, the coins will be returned back to the seller's account and the order will be relisted. Any missing or incorrect activities may result in the loss of your assets!

    6. Once the order is completed, you can view details in "Order" - "COMPLETED".

    Bank Transfer:
    1. On the Gate.io app, click "Bank Transfer" on the "Markets" page.

    2. Enter a purchase amount, select the currency you want to trade, and choose a payment channel, then click "Continue" at the bottom.

    3. Select a payment service and click on the "Create Order" button.

    4. Once you have made the payment and completed KYC verification, the coins will arrive in your account. In order to ensure the smooth and fast arrival of coins in your account, users must complete KYC with the third-party service provider. Upon successful verification, the service provider will immediately make the deposit into your Gate.io account.

    Credit Cards:
    1. Open Gate.io mobile app. Click "Credit Cards" on the "Markets" page or click "Buy" on the "Wallet" page.

    2. Input the purchase amount, and select the currency and payment channel. Then Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

    3. Follow the instructions to complete the order.

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