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To enhance communication with our users and keep them informed on a continuous basis, we have started issuing the ‘ Bi-Weekly Report’. Find out all the updates and announcements from the 16th till the 31st of July 2020, summarized for you in this report.

- GateChain’s Mainnet v1.0.3 update. Users can now build their own full node and participate in PoS mining.
- has launched Weekly HODL & Earn (7 days) products. The first rounds (BTC and ETH) were sold out in just two hours after the start of the sale, and a bonus USDT round was launched on the same day.
- has held 35 activities for GT Holders, with over 10 million USDT as rewards in the first half of 2020;
- has passed Coin Metrics’ Trusted Volume Test;
- awarded a 3-star CER certificate, the highest level a crypto exchange can attain, ranking number 1 amongst 100 exchanges by Cybersecurity Rating.
- Perpetual contract trading volume reached $2,419,393,138; and crypto-crypto trading volume reached $1,381,253,002.

1. GateChain Mainnet v1.0.3 Update, added features of PoS mining via Full Nodes and Delegation through Vault Accounts

After the Mainnet 1.0 launch, we have conducted a protocol update test (v1.0.1) and an update of loyalty nodes grading (v1.0.2), which were both successfully implemented. Currently, GateChain Mainnet has been updated to v1.0.3, with an added feature of PoS mining through proxy (Delegation) through Vault Accounts and the ability to participate in the consensus by building a full node;
Check out here to learn more details:
Additionally, GateChain has released the Node Program for downloads. Users can create their own independent PoS mining nodes.
Learn more details:

2. has launched Weekly HODL & Earn BTC & ETH #1 HODL & Earn launches "Weekly Hodl & Earn (7 days)" products for major cryptocurrencies, starting from July 31st. There will be one to two products (7-day lockup periods) launched every week. The first Weekly BTC & ETH HODL & Earn rounds both sold out in two hours after the start of the sale. has lauched an additional Weekly HODL & Earn (7 days) round, for USDT, with an annual interest rate of 10% to thank our users!
Learn more details:

3. GT Holders’ Rewards summary: 35 Activities, more than 10 Million USDT rewards.

Looking back on the first half of this year, we have held 6 Startup Discount Sales of Mainstream Tokens, 13 Competing Vote Campaigns, 7 Single Listing Votes, 2 Startup IEOs and 7 rounds of HODL & Earn, distributing rewards worth a total of 10,452,431 USDT to GT holders. will keep improving and providing better services to all of its users in the second half of 2020.
Learn more details:

4. Short-Term Options Trading Contest Concluded provided a pool of 7,000 GT to award the highest ranking traders and a Lucky Draw of 300 GT. The highest profit rate of the Short-Term Options Daily Contests was 1376.78%, and the highest profit was 940.649262 USDT. Rewards have been distributed to the users' accounts. Users can check their rewards at "My Wallets > My Billing".
Learn more details:

5. Index Perpetual Contract Trading Launched has launched index perpetual contract trading settled in USDT. Traders can profit by going long or short with 1-20x leverage. An indexed contract is a contract with an equally weighted index as its underlying asset. It has the advantages of diversification and ease of selection.
Learn more details:

6. Listing Vote #14 – mStable VS Results

By 04:00 AM GMT July 30th, 2020, there were 2,226 participants, contributing a total of 47,615,249 votes. mStable had 1595 supporters with 30,332,534 votes whilst had 631 with 17,282,715 votes. mStable was the winner in this round. has distributed the MTA and YFI airdrops to voters and the trading services of MTA/USDT and YFI/USDT are available.

7. Single Listing Votes #4 - #7 Have Completed, Trading Services of DOT (IOU), CTSI, KSM and AMPL Enabled

Single Listing Votes #4 - #7 have completed. They are:
All of the projects received over 10 million and airdrops were successfully distributed to all of the voters. Trading, deposit and withdrawal services have been enabled.

8. Three PoS Mining & Earn Products Have Been Launched on HODL & Earn, Interest Rates up to 12%

PoS Mining & Earn for EOS, TRON and ATOM has been launched on HODL & Earn, with annual interest rates of 4%, 9% and 12% respectively. Token lock-up is not required.
Learn more details:

9. Lending Annual Interest Rates of USDT Soared to 18%

Currently, there is a huge demand of USDT. The annual interest rates of USDT have soared to 18%. If users would like to earn a stable profit, they can place their lending orders in’s lending markets.
Learn more details:

10. Adjusts Its POINTS and GT Buy-Back Scheme, introduces Timed POINTS

1). Previous POINTS can be used with a VIP discount simultaneously for spots and futures before September. After September, previously accumulated POINTS can only be used for ‘Hold & Earn’ products. The transfer of POINTS is allowed
2). Previous POINTS can be converted into Timed POINTS with a 1:1 ratio, but VIP discount cannot be used simultaneously, and the transfer of Timed POINTS is not allowed. Users can do the conversion from September, and use the Timed POINTS for spots and futures fees.
3). Professional traders and institutional users are able to bulk purchase Timed POINTS to lock the trading costs.
4). All the POINTS used for handling fee payments will be used for GT buy-back and burn.
Learn more details:

11. Upgrades to Startup IEO 2.0 (Welcoming All High-quality Projects to Apply)

We’ve upgraded to Startup IEO 2.0 which can now provide various and more flexible services to project teams whilst guaranteeing security for the users. We sincerely welcome every remarkable project out there to submit an application on our platform.
In addition to our market maker and our digital asset quantitative trading competitions, we plan to launch several practical features including Grid-trading, Signal trading and Long Futures Contracts.
Learn more details:

12. Has Passed Coin Metrics’ Trusted Volume Test

According to the Trusted Volume Test Results released by crypto financial data provider Coin Metrics, has passed the test based on the metrics of Volume Correlation, Web Traffic Analytics and Qualitative Features. Only 14 exchanges passed the test amongst all the exchanges tested.
Learn more details:

13. Launches Bug Bounty Program and Ranks Number 1 on TOP 100 Exchanges by Cybersecurity Rating

Recently, Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) rolled out their latest ‘Top 100 Exchanges by Cybersecurity Rating’, in which obtained 9.38 points on their Cyber Security Score. We top the list as the most secure crypto exchange. Meanwhile, has also been awarded a 3-star CER certificate, the highest level a crypto exchange can attain. Now is one of the 6 crypto exchanges worldwide that have attained this certificate.
Learn more details:

14. Releases New Version of its Android App (2.6.5 Official)

The new version of’s Android app (2.6.5 official) is now available, with a bunch of new features: concealing the pairs with low trading volume; supported mail verification and more.
Learn more details:

15. Supports Polkadot’s DOT (IOU) Split of 100X, DOT (IOU) Margin Trading and Borrow & Lending Services are Enabled

Currently, the trading service of DOT (IOU) has been enabled on We will follow Polkadot’s decision and support the DOT (IOU) split of 100X.
Learn more details: also supports DOT (IOU) 3L & 3S margin trading and DOT (IOU) lending services.
Learn more details:

16. Launches DOT (IOU) and AMPL Perpetual Contract Trading (USDT settled) has launched DOT (IOU)and AMPL perpetual contract trading settled in USDT. Traders can earn profits by going long or short with 1-20x leverage.
Please trade here:

17. Startup 20% Discount BTC Sale (No.26) Sold Out Startup 20% Discount BTC Sale (No.26) began at 4:00 AM GMT, July 30th. In this sale, there were 1,698 participants, and a total of over $2.43 million worth of orders were placed. The distribution ratio was about 8.362%.
Learn more details:

18. Research: The Application of Options Volatility Arbitrage Strategy in Cryptocurrency Market

The report points out that:
the higher the volatility in Options, the more potential value, which means the premium would also be higher. Consequently, Options would be more valuable, if the Options period would be longer, making the range of volatility wider.
Learn more details:

19. Research: Hedging Strategies—Umbrella of Options Trading

Key Takeaways:
1. Options trading risks emerge when the applied model fails to predict market movements in an appropriate manner.
2. Introduction to typical hedging strategies.
3. With the LSTM network, it has been found that the prediction results and the true value of the test set are close to the overall volatility trend, which indicates LSTM can serve as a reference for options trading activities.
Learn more details:

If you have any suggestions that can help us improve this report, do let us know via “Live Support” on the Web! We always strive to make improvements to provide more clear and valuable news for users. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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July 31st, 2020

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