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    【HSF】Hillstone Finance Téléchargement de portefeuille et informations

    • NomHillstone Finance
    • SymboleHSF


    Hillstone Finance stems from a Korean private equity company Hillstone Partners. Hillstone Partners has over 20 years of history in the traditional financial service sector, and has completed multiple M&A transactions including the first cross-border M&A and three other biggest investments by that time in Korea. However, there were numerous legal and geographical obstacles in the course of international investment business. To overcome those limitations, Hillstone started the blockchain project–Hillstone Finance.Hillstone Finance is launched to lower the entry barriers to investment. HSF allows retail investors to access opportunities in the venture capital market, which has been only accessible to professional investors. HSF also acts as a collateral to a financial product. When a user invests in a financial product, his investment will be deposited as HSF which represents a share of the product. The user can either claim their investment profit by keeping his HSF staked in the product or achieve instant monetization by withdrawing HSF from his investment to trade in the market.To summarize, the main goal of Hillstone Finance is to ease the investment process and provide safety measures so that everyone can easily and safely access various investment opportunities.


    • Date de libération:
    • Total de coins: 100000000+
    • Approvisionnement: 2394300+
    • Capitalisation boursière: $ 1674094.56
    • Algorithme:
    • Bloquer durée: s
    • Bloquer récompense:
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