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    Gate.io Will Support the Upcoming BTT Split

    Heure de création:2021-12-10 01:51:30 UTCLire:105310

    According to the BitTorrent team, the 1000- for- 1 BTT split will be activated on Dec 12, 2021. Gate.io will support this redenomination and swap tokens for users.

    Split Ratio: 1000: 1
    The New token contract: TAFjULxiVgT4qWk6UZwjqwZXTSaGaqnVp4
    Gate.io token split date: Dec 16

    Below are more details:

    1) Starting Dec 16, 2:00 AM (UTC), Gate.io will close $BTT deposits and withdrawals.
    2) Starting Dec 16, 4:00 AM (UTC), Gate.io will take BTT trading (spot, margin, quantitative and perpetual contract trading) offline and cancel all open orders and conduct token split.
    3 Users who have borrowed BTT should repay the loan and close the outstanding positions beforehand. Otherwise, the loan will be auto-repaid and the outstanding positions will be closed on Dec 16
    4) Users who have outstanding BTT perpetual contract position should close their positions beforehand. Otherwise, any outstanding positions will be force closed on Dec16
    5) Users who have BTT quantitative trading(grid trading included) should adjust their trading strategies beforehand.Any BTT quantitative trading will be cancelled on Dec 16
    6) When Gate.io completes the token split, we will commence new $BTT token trading. The new token will use the ticker $ BTT.

    Important Notice: After this token swap, the value of the new $BTT token would be 1/1000 that of the old BTT token, without considering other factors that might impact the price. Please pay close attention to the price when you place orders.

    If your $BTT tokens are on Gate.io, you do not need to do anything in particular. If you want to get your old $BTT swapped effortlessly on Gate.io, please deposit your old $BTT token to Gate.io before Dec16, 2021. After this swap, Gate.io will support the new $BTT tokens only. If you deposit the old $BTT tokens to Gate.io, you may withdraw them to your personal wallet and swap.

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