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    Hipo.com Launches GateChain Mainnet PoS Delegated Mining

    Heure de création:2021-12-01 11:19:12 UTCLire:81553

    Hipo.com has launched the GateChain mainnet delegated mining function. You can now delegate your GT to earn mining reward in just a few clicks. Participating in Gatechain mainnet mining is made so easy.

    Previously, GateChain users could only participate in Mainnet PoS mining in two ways: run a full-node of GateChain, and you should pay the server and network to become the consensus-account; or download desktop wallet and delegate GT to a consensus-account, and you were required to master account management and private keys safekeeping know-how.

    With the launch of "Delegate" page on Hipo.com, everyone can now delegate GT, fetch rewards, redelegate and undelegate in one place with just a few clicks.


    1. Deposit your GT into your Metamask wallet.

    2. Go to"Delegate" page on Hipo.com ( https://www.hipo.com/gatechain/en/consensus/)

    3. Select a "Consensus Account" you trust (you can sort them by APY ) and enter the GT amount you want to delegate to this account. Click "Delegate" button.

    4. Sign this transaction in your Metamask wallet and wait for a while. When the transaction is successful, the delegation operation completes.

    On the same page, you can also check real-time rewards, or withdraw rewards, redelegate or undelegate your GT tokens. Everything you want to do with Gatechain mainnet mining can be done here on Hipo.com. Try it out now!

    Please note:

    1. Any Ethereum address starting with 0x can become an GateChain EVM account. A GateChain EVM account can participate in mainnet mining as well as a native Gatechain account.

    2. You can delegate your GT in the GateChain EVM account to a consensus account to get mining rewards. The rewards are withdrawable any time.

    3. You can also re-delegate your GT from the existing consensus account to another consensus account with higher APY. It is called “redelegate”.

    4. You can undelegate from a consensus account and get tokens almost immediately without a lockup period. Your delegated tokens will return to your account in about 10 minutes.

    5. In the consensus account list, accounts with a very high APY might not keep such a high APY in the future. We recommend you choose a consensus account with a more stable APY.

    6. You can withdraw GT from an exchange and deposit them into your Metamask wallet to get started. Please note , choose GateChain network instead of the Ethereum when you’re withdrawing GT tokens. You couldn’t use the function if you withdraw tokens to the Ethereum network.


    - Delegate in Hipo: https://www.hipo.com/gatechain/en/consensus/

    - How to use : https://www.gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/hipo-pos/

    - Rewards distribution structure: https://www.gatechain.io/docs/en/gatechain/gatechain-pos/#rewards-distribution-structure-between-consensus-and-delegator-accounts

    - Email:[email protected]

    GateChain-EVM, Hipo related resource links:

    1. GateChain-EVM:

    1. Deploy Node:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/developers/gatechain-build/

    2. PoS:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/developers/gatechain-pos/

    3. RPC node:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/rpc-node-list/

    4. GateScan:https://gatescan.org/?lang=en_US

    5. Various ecological tools:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/tool/

    6. Exchange:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/gatechain-platform/

    2. Hipo.com:

    1. Website:https://www.hipo.com/gatechain/en/

    2. GateSwap:

    1. Use guide:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/gateswap/

    2. GateSwap Contract:

    1. GateswapV2Factory: 0x98f7e29fc0Be0d4e6666972EAFB605155C8Fb8B5

    2. GateswapV2Router02:0xF04c414d736c4bb4B7fC32843c6d35f9a9A8b216

    3. GateBridge:

    1. Use guide:https://www.gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/gatebridge-use/

    2. Register Cross-chain Token:https://www.hipo.com/gatechain/en/tokenmapping/

    3. Cross-chain:https://www.hipo.com/gatechain/en/gatebridge/

    4. Core principles:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/gatebridge-principles/

    4. Delegate:

    1. How to use: https://www.gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/hipo-pos/

    3. Metamask wallet configuration

    1. Network: GateChain

    2. RPC URL: https://evm.gatenode.cc

    3. Chain ID: 86

    4. Symbol: GT

    5. Block Explorer URL: https://gatescan.org/?lang=en_US

    4. Request testnet EVM address GT token:https://gatescan.org/testnet/faucet?lang=en_US

    5. EVM Wrapped GT Token Contract(WGT): 0x672f30407A71fa8737A3A14474ff37E09c7Fc44a

    6. Mainnet upgrade ChangeLog: https://gatechain.io/news?lng=en

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