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    Decentralized Vulnerability Platform (DVP) Voting Result & Listing

    Heure de création:2020-09-25 02:47:36 UTCLire:70282

    The "Listing Vote" campaign for Decentralized Vulnerability Platform (DVP) has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who participated! We will continue to bring more quality projects later, so please stay tuned!
    Participate in the next Gate.io "Listing Vote" session at: https://www.gate.io/poll

    Vote Result of Decentralized Vulnerability Platform (DVP)
    In this vote, Decentralized Vulnerability Platform (DVP) received over 10 million votes;. We are going to list DVP at Gate.io.

    By 2:00 AM UTC, September 25th, 1594 participants had contributed 45,433,357 votes in total. We had distributed 754,821 DVP in airdrop to voters. We are going to open trading for the DVP /USDT pair.

    DVP/USDT Listing

    The DVP/USDT trading will open on September 25th, at 4:00 AM UTC at Gate.io. The withdrawal service will be available afterwards.

    Deposit DVP at https://www.gate.io/myaccount/deposit/DVP
    Trade DVP at https://www.gate.io/trade/DVP_USDT

    Airdrop Rewards Winners
    All voters in this vote are eligible for airdrop rewards. Below is the list of the top 10. View the reward you received at “My Wallets”–“ My Billing Details” (https://www.gate.io/myaccount/mypurselog).

    UID;Amount of DVP Airdrop Reward
    ***6018, ***29.1916
    **77, ***70.25229
    ***6667, ***8.715811
    ***4886, **38.09834
    ***2355, **73.663156
    ***0299, **90.202287
    ***467, **85.86408
    ***9634, **62.712326
    ***701, **59.778771
    ***914, **24.068489


    Gate.io Listing Vote (add GT buyback and burn)

    1. Eligible participants: all the GT holders on Gate.io , 1 GT=1 vote

    2. Votes allocation: For every participant, their vote equals the average 14-day GT holding including assets in Lending/Borrowing Market, and the GT bought with USDT borrowed from Margin Trading, however, GT borrowed from Margin Trading is not allowed. The user’s votes will be calculated based on the average 14-day GT holding within two hours after the listing vote. Thus, please don’t make any changes to your GT holding before the counting of the votes.
    For example, Bob is a new GT holder, and he buys and holds 14000GT one day before the sale. Therefore, his average 14-day GT holding will be 1000GT 14000GT/14 days, and he will have 1000 votes.

    3.Governance currency: only GT. Every participant going through identity verification can vote based on GT holding.

    4. Vote validating: when the voting starts, the voting airdrop price will be marked. When the votes are validated, the voter is qualifying for buying a certain amount of the token at the voting airdrop price based on the ratio of valid votes the voter cast in the total valid votes. The voter should keep enough usdt balance at account as payment to buy the voting airdrop token, which will be subtracted within a period of 2 hours after voting finishing automatically. Inadequate balance will lead to no airdrop tokens.

    5. Voting result: If the project gets 10 million votes, the project win and the token will be listed at Gate.io.

    6. Voting result announcement: After voting, reward will be distributed to voters and the time for trading, withdrawal, and deposit of the tokens will be posted

    7. Reward and payment calculation:
    (1)Airdrop currency: Airdrop reward of the winning project will be distributed after voting.
    Example: For a voting of project A, if Sean supports project A and votes for it. Sean would be qualifying to buy a certain amount of project A at a certain price as airdrop reward for voting.
    (2) Airdrop reward: After voting, the valid participant is qualified for buying a certain amount of winner project tokens based on the ratio his/her votes is to the total votes.
    account eligible airdrop token amount = votes of the account ÷ total votes X total airdrop tokens for the voting
    (3) Payment deduction: after voting, the tokens distribution to each account will be calculated and the payment USDT will be deducted automatically.
    Account payment deduction=account eligible airdrop token amount X airdrop voting price
    8. GT burning: to add more channels to burn GT and enhance GT value, the usdt from the payment in the voting will be used to buyback GT at the market.And all of those GT will be burned afterwards.

    9. Others
    (1) Cheating: If any account is detected or reported as cheating and is confirmed after our investigation, Gate.io will invalidate the votes of the account. If any account is confirmed as cheating for 3 times, the account will no longer be eligible for the listing vote at Gate.io.

    Gate.io reserves the final right to interpret this activity.

    Gate.io is an established exchange of integrity, transparency and fairness. We charge zero listing fee and only choose quality and promising projects. We keep improving and innovating to return our users support.
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    Download it now at: https://www.gate.io/mobileapp

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    Gate.io Team
    September 25, 2020
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