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Rank #5
$ 0.6053
Mínimo 24H$0.6039
Máximo 24H$0.6163
Volumen de 24 horas
All-Time High(ATH)
All-Time Low(ATL)
Capitalización del mercado
Fully Diluted Valuation
Market Cap/FDV
Suministro de circulación
53.89B XRP
Suministro total
99.99B XRP
Suministro máximo
100B XRP
Market Sentiment
* Data from 3rd parties

XRP (XRP) Price Trends

Periodo de tiempo
Cambiar monto
% Change
$ 0.000359
$ -0.007644
$ -0.001723
$ -0.04149
$ 0.03489
$ 0.3022

Live XRP (XRP) Price Update

XRP price today is $0.6053 with a 24-hour trading volume of 973.09M, and as such XRP has a market cap of 32.62B, giving it a market dominance of 2.19%. The XRP price moved -1.26% in the last 24 hours.

XRP reached its highest price on 2018-01-07 when it was trading at its all-time high of $3.4, while its lowest price was recorded on 2014-05-22 when it was trading at its all-time low of $0.002686. The current lowest price since the last cycle high was $0.002686, and the highest price since the last cycle low was $3.4. The social sentiment of XRP is currently Positive.

The current circulating supply of XRP is 53.89B XRP. In terms of market cap, XRP is currently ranked 5.

About XRP (XRP)

Ripple (XRP) is the native cryptocurrency of Ripple Network. It is a cryptocurrency with low trading cost and global circulation. Ripple (XRP) was officially issued on April 18, 2011, with a total supply of 100 billion. XRP is the only common currency in the Ripple (XRP) Network.

The development of XRP is inseparable from the development of the Ripple Network. The early Ripple Network needs to establish a trust chain to transfer money, so there are fewer users. After Opencoin took over Ripple (XRP), it made improvements such as introducing XRP, introducing a gateway system and allowing strangers to transfer money. Thus, the world's first open-source payment network was born. As the currency in circulation in Ripple Network, XRP also began to develop rapidly.

How does Ripple (XRP) Work?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, XRP does not run on the blockchain, but uses the Robust Principal Component Analysis (RPCA) algorithm to make the Ripple Network run. However, its working principle is similar to the blockchain, and the nodes must reach a consensus to validate the transaction on the network. What is more special about Ripple Network is that users can not "mine" XRP, that is, XRP are not issued through miners' mining activities. XRP are pre-mined and issued. The total number of tokens is 100 billion. The issuing mode is Ripple's market release at the rate of 1 billion per month.

Like the blockchain, the protocol used by Ripple Network has a "distributed general ledger", and also has a consensus mechanism and validation mechanism between nodes. After the birth of each new transaction record of Ripple Network, it will be quickly validated according to the consensus and validation mechanism, and summarized into the ledger instances within this time period. The ledger of Ripple Network is arranged and linked in chronological order.

What is Ripple (XRP)?

The emergence of Ripple Network has promoted the transactions between fiat currencies. As the only circulating cryptocurrency in Ripple Network, XRP is fast and simple. Compared with other cryptocurrencies, users prefer to use XRP and Ripple Network for cross international or large remittance. For example, the confirmation time of Bitcoin payment takes 40 minutes, while the time of XRP payment is only a few seconds, and the trading fee is also very low. However, the XRP is not perfect. Its issuing method and circulation have been criticized. Since its issuance in 2011, the current circulation of XRPs in the market has exceeded 40 billion, but this also includes 20 billion of the three founders. This means that the actual circulation of XRPs is barely more than the total ownership of the three founders. In addition, Ripple sells and releases XRPs through a third party on a monthly basis, which is not consistent with the decentralized concept pursued by the cryptocurrency community.

Ripple (XRP) Crypto Wallet

In addition to placing XRP in the exchange to facilitate trading, XRP can also be placed in a crypto wallet.

There is no official wallet for Ripple (XRP). You can choose any trusted hot and cold wallet that supports the storage of XRPs.


1. What determines the price movement of XRP?

There are two schools of thought in determining the price of XRP.
By way of intrinsic value: This typically involves on-chain metrics, project metrics and financial metrics of XRP, collectively known as fundamental analysis. The law of supply and demand, tokenomics, use case, project roadmap as well as regulations and governance involved would affect the value of XRP from a long term perspective.
By way of price action: Primarily analyzed via candlestick chart patterns and technical indicators such as MACD, RSI and the bollinger bands, technical analysis forecasts the price of XRP on the basis that history tends to repeat itself. As the candlestick charts are a general representation of the emotion of the market, news announcements and community sentiment can be significant price action drivers for XRP as well.
Investors tend to prefer the long term nature of fundamental analysis, whereas short term traders tend to rely on technical analysis more. In reality, both analyses may combine and create interesting scenarios for XRP and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

XRP (XRP) noticias

XRP (XRP) Announcements soporta Lend & Earn WLD/XRP/KNC: El APR en tiempo real alcanza el 21,9% soporta Lend & Earn WLD/XRP/KNC. El alto APR en tiempo real oscila entre el 15,77% y el 21,9%.
readings: 6885Publicado: apoya COREUM Airdrop a los titulares de Coreum (COREUM), Sologic (SOLO) , y XRP (XRP) apoya COREUM Airdrop a los titulares de Coreum _COREUM_, Sologic _SOLO_ , y XRP _XRP_ [Скачайте приложение для iOS / Android]_http:// "Скачайте приложение для iOS / Android"_ прямо сейчас.
readings: 26496Publicado: es compatible con Flare Network (FLR) Airdrop para titulares de XRP (XRP) es compatible con Flare Network _FLR_ Airdrop para titulares de XRP _XRP_
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readings: 29529Publicado: Blog:Behind the Scene:SEC vs. Ripple Lawsuit

【TL; DR】 With the evolution of cryptocurrencies, classifying digital assets as currency or securities has been the crux of the SEC's issue. Chief of which is the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit filed in 2020 by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Ripples Lab Inc. In 2015, the Justice Department had ruled the XRP as a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin and Ethereum; however, on the 22nd of December in 2020, the SEC announced in a press release that they were suing Ripples Labs for raising about $1.3 billion through unregistered securities known as XRP. According to the SEC, the CEOs of Ripples Lab used returns from XRP sales to finance their business. The failure to register the security led to a lack of information on the path of retail investors. Experts point to a probable cause behind the lawsuit being the system of mining XRP. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum that utilized Proof-of-Work mining, XRP was not mined; 100 billion XRP were released into circulation, with Ripples holding 48 billion of it. The aftermath of the XRP vs. SEC lawsuit was XRP's value plunging by more than 75% and many cryptocurrency exchanges delisting XRP from their platforms. Does the SEC have a Case Against Ripple? In January 2018, XRP hit an all-time high of $3.29, it went through a few ups and downs, and by December 2020, it was trading at $0.6. However, after the XRP lawsuit hit, XRP plunged by more than 75%, and experts made predictions that XRP would become worthless. At the time of writing this article, XRP was trading over $0.70. The plunge in XRP prices was reactionary due to the lawsuit and damning accusations. However, since filing the lawsuit, whether the SEC has a strong case against Ripple Labs remains unknown. There has been a lot of debate around the topic, mainly because most of SEC's arguments have been ambiguous. The SEC's defense has revolved around minting XRP, which according to the SEC, makes the coin security rather than a currency. Their argument closes because, unlike Ethereum and Bitcoin, which utilize a blockchain for minting, XRP was published with Ripples Lab owning 6.4 billion of it. For more information on the specific analysis process, please read this blog:Behind the Scene:SEC vs. Ripple Lawsuit Blog As a new information section of, the blog function will provide users with all-round investment support. It will offer the most timely information in the industry, as well as informative columns, exclusive research reports, interesting encyclopedia info, and other high-quality content. All of these combined will enable you to grasp the most valuable and high-quality information without leaving home. We invite you to experience and bookmark this blog, in order to get essential investors tips. Website: *App will be launched soon, please keep an eye out for it! Blog entry: main menu bar "More Details - Gate Blog" Blog will be updated at regular intervals. Stay tuned!
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Según el anuncio del airdrop del token SOLO, un total de 100 000 000 tokens SOLO se asignaron a los titulares elegibles de XRP, basado en un snapshot tomado el 24 de Diciembre de 2021 a las 8:00 PM UTC. ha distribuido SOLO a los titulares elegibles de XRP según la proporción anunciada por el equipo de SOLO, que es 1 XRP = 0,004456338205 SOLO. Los usuarios pueden ahora consultar en sus cuentas los tokens que hayan recibido. Depositar SOLO: Tradear SOLO: Más Información: | Tu Puerta de Entrada al Universo Blockchain Líder en ranking, Transparente y de Confianza. Obtenga el 40% de las tarifas trading de todos los referidos en el programa de afiliados en Haga clic para registrarse: Descarga la app ahora en: Síguenos en redes sociales: Facebook: Twitter Inglés: Twitter Español: Telegram: Telegram Español: Instagram: Medium: Equipo de 24 de febrero de 2022
readings: 70206Publicado:
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