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    Instructions of culculating the contract trading fee
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    The contract trading fee on Gate.io occurs only under the situation of opening a position, closing out, and deleveraging. There's no charging of any fee if the order is pending or canceled.

    The deduction of the trading fee is settled from the position margin. The trading fee is calculated based on the position value and has nothing to do with the leverage.

    The perpetual contract fees of Maker and Taker on Gate.io are differentiated:


    Please refer to the table of tiered fee rates.
    If the order placed by the maker is not taken immediately, it will be displayed in "the depth of the market", which will increase the depth of the market. Gate.io points deduction does not apply to the maker's fee.


    Please refer to the table of tiered fee rates.
    Takers trade initiatively with the placed orders and reduce the existing maker orders in the market, thus reducing the depth of the market. If the taker chooses to pay the trading fee with Gate.io Points, the fee rate is fixed at 0.075%. The actual preferential rate you will enjoy depends on the counterparty's maker fee rate and the cost of Gate.io Point. The comprehensive taker fee rate would be 0.0225%~0.06%.

    The contract trading fee is calculated as follows:

    Trading Fee = Position Vale * ( Maker's/ Taker's Rate) *When the trading fee is charged by the point card: 1 POINT = 1 USD, the price of USD is the real-time index price of the BTC-USD contract.

    The contract trading fee has applied a laddered rate rule:

    1.The contract trading fee rule consists of the tiered fee rate and the contract point card discount. When placing an order, the maker's fee will be charged according to the tiered fee rate, while takers can choose which fee rule to be applied according to their preference. 2.If there are point cards remaining in the account, the taker's contract order will continue applying the rate at 0.075%. (Using the point card, the comprehensive rate will be reduced to 0.0225%~0.06% at the lowest.) 3.If there is no Gate.io point in the account, makers' contract orders will apply the tiered rate rule according to their VIP level. Both spot and contract apply to the same rate rule and share the VIP level.

    The laddered contract rate rule:

    For example:

    User A has traded 100USDT with BTC-USDT contract at the market price, and the VIP level of the user is VIP10; User B has placed an order and traded 100USDT with BTC-USDT contract, and the VIP level of the user is VIP10; User A has reduced the depth of the market, the trading fee is 0.03% at VIP10, so the trading fee the user has to pay is 100 * 0.03% = 0.03USDT, that the trading fee is 0.03USDT. The maker order of User B is uted, which has increased the depth of the market. The Maker's rebate is 0% at VIP10, that the reward the user will receive is: 100 * 0% = 0 USDT

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