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    Gate.io Blog: September 2022 | Gate.io Monthly Featured Articles

    Crear hora:2022-09-30 09:47:10 UTCLeído:11233

    ✨ September Highlights ✨

    #LUNC tax burning; #Ethereum Merge; #The third interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve; #Queen Elizabeth NFTs

    🔷 Bet On 1 USD‘s Future with Burning -- What Is the LUNC Tax Burning Proposal
    “To soar in burning, or to perish in it.”

    🔷 What Is the Future of Ethereum in Post-Merge Era
    “The macro environment is challenging, the short-term price drop may not mean anything, and the Merge is not the end of Ethereum, but a new starting point.”

    🔷 NFTs of Queen Elizabeth’s Art Flooded Into The OpenSea Market
    “In the wake of the demise of the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, has been flooded with multiple NFTs to commemorate her life and death.”

    🔷 High Possibility of a 75 Point Rise in Federal Fund Rate in September
    “The Federal Reserve hiked the Federal funds rate five times, so far, in 2022. The 0.5% Federal Fund Rate hike in May 2022 was one reason for the lengthy crypto winter.”

    For more details, please refer to our blog post:September 2022 | Gate.io Monthly Featured Articles

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