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Gate.io Will Support Saitama Inu (SAITAMA) Redenomination and Token Swap

2022-06-09 07:43:15 UTC 117987
According to the Saitama Inu announcement, Saitama Inu will be migrated to the V2 at the ratio of 1,000,000 old token=1 new token. Gate.io will suspend the SAITAMA trading starting 10:00 AM June 9 in preparation for the token reverse split and token swap.
Swap Ratio: 1,000,000 old token=1 new token
The New token contract :0xce3f08e664693ca792cace4af1364d5e220827b2

Gate.io’s token redenomination and swap planning:
1) Starting June 9 , 10:00 AM (UTC), Gate.io will take SAITAMA trading market offline and cancel all open orders.
Users who have SAITAMA quantitative trading (grid trading included) should adjust their trading strategies beforehand.
Users who have provided quantitative liquidity in the liquidity pools should remove their liquidity beforehand, otherwise will be forced removed.
2). When Gate.io completes the token swap, we will commence the new SAITAMA token’ trading market. The new SAITAMA token will use the ticker $SAITAMA (The trading commencement time will be announced as soon as we complete the token swap).
Important Notice: After this token swap, the supply of the new token becomes 1/1,000,000 that of the old and the value of the new token would be 1,000,000 that of the old token, without considering other factors that might impact the price. Please pay close attention to the price when you place orders.

Learn more: https://twitter.com/WeAreSaitama/status/1529193562163793922

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June 9, 2022

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