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Gate.io Market Maker Incentive Program. Up to $200,000 monthly prize pool, and large interest-free loans

2022-01-24 13:02:06 UTC 246128
For premium services and better liquidity, Gate.io is now launching a new Market Maker Incentive Program with five major rewards, including a total prize pool of up to $800,000. We invite all top-tier liquidity providers to join us.

Registration Time: Jan 24, 2022 - May 31, 2022(UTC)
Conditions: Gate.io VIP8-VIP15 users, and teams whose recent 30-day spot or contract trading volume of other exchanges is greater than 3000BTC.
Registration Link: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1383
Contest Time: Mar 1, 2022-Jun 30, 2022(UTC)

Competition rules:
The platform will uate the performance of participating users' pending orders on specific trading pairs, and rank them in spot and futures according to the scores of pending orders, as follows
Reward 1: Up to $200,000 monthly prize pool
According to the monthly ranking, the participants will divide the prize pool of the current month proportionally, and the total prize pool amount will be subject to the actual number of participating users each month. The total prize pool of the month will be divided equally between spot and futures according to the scores of pending orders, and users can participate at the same time.

Reward 2: 30-days VIP+1 experience
The top 3 participants in the monthly ranking group will receive VIP+1 benefits for 30 days.
Reward 3: Interest-free loans for "star" market makers
The top 3 participants with the total score during the competition period from March to June can obtain the corresponding amount of interest-free loan rights for 3 months.

Reward 4: COLO Service
Participants with excellent overall performance will receive exclusive COLO services.
Reward 5: DMM preferred
The top 3 participants with the total score during the competition period can join the DMM program first.


1. Detailed scoring rules will be via your registration email.
2. Teams that sign up after March will not participate in the ranking of the month.
3. For reward 2, if there are less than 100 participants in the month, this reward will be cancelled.
4. For reward 2, each participant can enjoy VIP+1 privileges at most 2 times, and VIP+1 cannot exceed VIP15.
4. All the above rewards are not superimposed with the same benefits of other activities on the platform.

About the Gate.io Market Making Incentive Program

If your current 30-day trading volume is more than 3000BTC and you have an excellent pending order strategy, join our Market Maker Incentive Program immediately to enjoy the special fees for all trading pairs on the Gate.io platform and a higher API orders frequency, please provide proof of transaction volume and Telegram ID and send a letter to [email protected] . Our account manager will contact you in due time.

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Jan 24, 2022

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