Callable Bull/Bear Contract Masters Contest, Enjoy $10,000 & Lucky Prize

The Second Callable Bull/Bear Contract _CBBC_ of’s trading competition is in full swing, with a total prize of $10,000 and a total of 30 winners per day. We welcome new players to participate in the competition and attempt first place. In addition, a $300 Lucky Prize has been set up, and new interests’ competitions are waiting for you to fight!

Characterized by a low commission rate,’s CBBCs _recyclable contracts_ are simple to operate in the spot market and have the ability to apply leverage effects at the same time. At present, the transaction fee rate of the CBBC confirmed order is the same as the spot price with a basic fee rate of 0.2%. VIP stacking discounts or point card deductions are available _point card deductions do not stack VIP discounts_. GT deductions are currently not permitted.