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Today’s Daily Market Trends _June 9th_: Cryptocurrency Prices stop Falling Kusama Slot Official Starts Auction

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C

As of 12:00 Beijing time, Bitcoin’s Price was US$32,959.73 and Ether’s price was US$2,462.98. The downward trend of Bitcoin’s Price Yesterday has eased today. In the one-hour timeframe Bitcoin’s Price formed a symmetrical V shape with a bottom of $31,663. The bottom of the market price is relatively clear. Yesterday, although Bitcoin’s Price experienced a serious decline, there was a significant gap in trading volume as compared with the sharp drop on the 19th. Since June, the price of Bitcoin has changed in a low-volume state, and the main short-term and long-term players are currently in a wait-and-see state. Bitcoin’s Price may enter a long-term adjustment phase.

According to data, a total of 76,609 traders have suffered liquidation in the past 24 hours, with a total amount over $499 million.

Polkadot creator Gavin Wood has published a schedule for the Kusama parachain slot auctions.The first parachain auction slot will open on June.15 at 12:00 UTC and end in 7 days. A total of 5 parachains will be open to auction over the span of 5 weeks.

The most expensive penthouse in Miami beach was sold, making it the largest-known cryptocurrency real estate deal yet. The anonymous buyer bought the penthouse with cryptocurrencies in a total value of $22.5 million.

After a three-year search, South Korean police have recovered a total of 1,360 valuing around $3.4 million currently. These tokens were stolen 3 years ago from an exchange by hackers in 2018.

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C
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BTC:$32,959.73 (+0.53%); ETH:$2462.98 (-0.82%); DOGE:$0.31945 (-1.36%); GT:$3.9888 (-3.02%); XRP:$0.8503 (+0.55%); ADA:$1.5148 (-0.58%). DOT:$21.029 (-0.22%); UNI:$22.87 (-1.67%).
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