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Home Blog Gate.io AMA - Indicators and realtime analysis | Sept.30th


09 October

Gate.io AMA - Indicators and realtime analysis | Sept.30th

Today let's go through some basic indicators and then let's do an analysis.

Remember what we talked about last time, how to place the order.

Limit order

1.Stop Order : Set up a assumed price, set up TP and SL. Once the price be triggered, the order will start to run.

2.Ice berg: system will automatically separate the investment amount into several smaller amount orders to proceed the trade. It is to avoid the large amount being lost at one time.

3.Reduce-Only: this condition is to decrease the position. For example, 5000U of Long order, trigger price 4800U, SL is 5200U. If we tick Reduce-Only, the order will be canceled at once, it avoids in case the price will rise quickly and will affect SL.

Conditional order

1.Set up a Trgger price and Buy/Sell price, once it's triggered, the order will start to run.

2.There are two kinds of orders for Buy/Sell, Limit and Market.

3.Above two may not be suitable for fast increase and decrease.

Market order

Entry by current market order, after the order start to run, then set up TP and SL. When you see the fast increase or decrease, use Market order will be more effective.

Don't forget the leverage.

1)The leverage, for new beginners, you can use 5U plus 10-20X leverage to test.

2)Where to click leverage.

3)What is Cross margin and Isolated margin?

1.Isolated Margin:

Under the isolated margin mode, there is a fixed value of the position margin.

Initial Isolated Margin = (Position Value / Leverage) + Fee to Close

2.Cross Margin:

Under the cross margin mode, all balance in the user's account is used as the margin.

Initial Cross Margin = Position Value * Initial Margin Ratio + Fee to Close

Indicators tool bar

1.Long term trade indicators: BOLL, MA, MACD

2.Short term trade indicators: KDJ, RSI

3.Indicator suitable for all the time frames: Volume, Long/Short bar


1.Uses only relevant analysis tools is a process.

2.It's important to note that technical analysis deals in probabilities rather than certainties.

Realtime Analysis:


TWITTER @whale_alert


1.When all the indicators point in one direction, it is the good timing.

2.If there's any conflicts, calculate how many indicators you used and how much percentage has the conflict is. Then you can know how much percentage of the success that you can win.

3.No perfect trade, no 100% success.

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