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21 September

Gate. io AMA: How to do TA with indicators

Q: After all AMA about indicators, now we are going to use all of it to do the anaylis.

A: We talked about some common indicators - MA, MACD, BOLL, VOLUME, KDJ and RSI-S-I. These are enough for our daily analysis.

Take below picture as the example:

Take BTC/USDT and 1D as the measure:

Please see the arrows below, MA/MACD/KDJ/RSI-S-I are all showing downwards, means the price is going lower. Under this situation, you can ignore the flat top/bottom BOLL lines, as even SMA of BOLL is also downwards.

Remember, when all the signals are pointing to the same direction, the trend is very obvious.

Also, please note all above signals lag behind the real-time market.

1.MA/MACD/BOLL, usually for long term trade.

2.KDJ/RSI-S-I, usually for short term trade.

According to your demands, select suitable indicators.

Q: If above signals lag behind the market, then what is the suitable way closer to the real-time analysis?

A: Good question. For better analysis, let's clear all above signals, use K-line and volume to see the status.

If you'd like to trade BTC future, usually we observe by 1M/1W/1D. It is the way for long term trade, as BTC is the major coin in the market, the history price is almost 64863 in April of 2021.

Let's do a little analysis, draft time is 9:40-10:15am BKK of Sept.14th, 2021.

1.Let's check 1M:

From below, we can see the price rise then dropped down.

Also there's "V"shape and going to complete "W". Usually if there's Double Bottom, the price will rise to a high point. So, it is better wait and see.

2.Now let's go to 1W.

From below, you can see the almost the same situation as 1M K-line pattern.

Price and volume are both going down. "V" is going to be "W".

Let's wait and see.

3.Let's check 1D.

From below picture, the situation looks clearer. The "W" is almost completed, though the volume still not yet grow. Now should be the timing for BUY.

The resistance mark is 44732.2. From Bearish bar, the close price is from 44835.9 to 45002.8. The buying price can be between.

Now I open a Perpetual Contract by Conditional Order, please be noted always try to use Limit to control the point.

1.I set up Trigger Price of 45100.

As what we analyzed just now, the resistance price is between 44835.9 to 45002.8. Combine the current price of 45054, we can set it at 45060-45070.

2Selling price can be marked 53000, or below it, depends how long you would like to wait and how much you want to earn.

3.If you are not confident, you can take the highest point of "W" as the close point.

You can see from below, the red circled price is 46372.2, it is the price of top "W".

If you set up 45060 as the trigger price, 46372.2 -45060= 1312.2, there's over 1000 points to earn.

4.Another important tool of Perpetual Contract is Leverage.

From below, you can see "Cross", it is where to select Leverage.

Q: All these look very simple but being a beginner, still difficult to control what is the right timing.

A: Right, it is the common issue. So before the real investment, try to mark down your analysis in Excel chart, and to observe if the market is following your direction or not. Practice it 10-20 times, then start to input small amount with leverage.

You can take below record as the example, every 15mins, or 30mins.



Buy or Sell

Bearish Close

Bullrish Open

Trigger Price




10:20AM BKK






5-10 X


10:35AM BKK


Q: Above is quite detailed and full of tips.

A: In the future events, we will have more practical tips to share.

And today to be end with a little reminder:

1.Put away your greed, operate lightly

2.Make a small profit, and operate steadily.

Now let's go to Question Session.

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