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12 July Insights: Making Trading Easier, Read About’s Quantitative Copy in One Article

By: Researcher Hannah.H

Quantitative trading uses an advanced mathematical model to replace human subjective judgement. In other words, it utilizes computer technology to select the " high-probability" events from a significant amount of historical data to formulate strategies that can bring profit to users. It also overcomes the human weaknesses of fear and greed in investment and prevents irrational investment decisions in the case of extreme market frenzy or pessimism. quantitative trading aims to provide a large-scale library of quantitative strategies for both new and professional users. Users will be able to make rigorous, automated, consistent, programmatic trading, and overcome the cognitive bias caused by human judgment from these quantitative strategies and models. Currently,'s smart quantitative strategies are fully upgraded, with enhanced "quantitative followers" function and innovative "become a signaler" function. As well as features like two strategy zones for grid trading, CTA signal tracking, one-click copy followers and backtesting. This upgrade will satisfy the needs of different types of users and make trading simpler.

Quantitative copy: one click to replicate the strategy and enjoy the profit

Quantitative order following is the highlight of this upgrade with enhanced features. Upon accessing the platform, users can review and apply the appropriate strategies that originate from users on the ranking or quantitative followers board to begin their quantitative trades. Take the CTA trend strategy as an example, users can create a strategy by directly copying the initial creator's parameter information and inputting the invested capital.

Become a Signaler: 5% profit share for creating strategies

"Becoming a signaler" is an innovative feature of quantitative order following, providing a quantitative revenue channel for experienced users. Currently, users can choose to create a grid trading strategy or a CTA signal tracking strategy. After each termination of the strategy, users can earn a 5% return benefit, and there is no restriction on the replication level. For example, if A becomes a signaler, B replicates A's strategy, and C replicates B's strategy, A will receive a 5% share of B and C.

It is worth noting that for copied strategies, the replicator will be unable to review major parameters information of the originating strategy. These include the highest and lowest price of the grid, CTA-like indicator parameter information, etc. Through this setting, the “signaler” will be able to protect their intellectual property rights.

Powerful auxiliary functions to help quantify earnings intelligently

Backtest function: Before selecting a strategy or executing a strategy, users will extract the trading data information from the appropriate strategy through back-testing to support decision-making. The backtesting function enables users to perform different quantitative strategies and periods according to their setup. Furthermore, the result of backtesting will show the complete trading data under the strategy and period, including total return, maximum gain/loss, maximum retracement percentage, etc. By conducting backtesting, users will be able to determine the feasibility of the strategy and use that as a reference.

My Strategies: Users' strategy information can be reviewed and followed up in the "My Strategies" section, which includes the information on ongoing strategies, historical strategies, my follow, display pages and split records, etc.

Leaderboard: The leaderboard consists of recommended strategies list, strategies list and user list, users can filter the recommended strategies according to their needs and find the most suitable strategies for themselves.

The leaderboard will indicate the strategies with the highest popularity. Users can choose the appropriate strategy to follow; the user list is a ranking of users' earnings, containing cumulative returns, sources of earnings, tips for following, strategies in progress, historical earnings, etc. You can also choose to follow or share the user's quantitative strategies as your reference.


Quantitative trading uses advanced mathematical models instead of subjective human judgment, and the most significant feature is the analysis of big data. The new update, namely, the quantitative follower is more user-friendly to any experienced or inexperienced users. For instance, new and regular users can choose quantitative strategies to follow, while experienced users may choose to become signalers. Quantitative copy wide range of strategies to choose from, empower by one click, and achieve quantitative returns easily. Researcher Hannah.H

*This article only represents the views of researcher and does not constitute as any investment advice.

* reserves all rights to this article. Reposting of the article will be permitted provided is referenced. In all other cases, legal action will be taken due to copyright infringement.

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