Will Support BoringDAO Split and Token Swap

According to the BoringDAO team, the BoringDAO is migrating their tokens from $BOR to $BORING, at the ratio of 1 $BOR : 10,000 $BORING. will support the token redenomination and will swap the old $BOR tokens for new $BORING tokens for users. Swap Ratio: 1:10,000 Old token ($BOR) con...
编辑:      类别: Announcement      阅读: 65014      更新时间: 56 days 0 hours ago will list Governor DAO (GDAO) is going to commence Governor DAO (GDAO) trading on Feb.8, 2021 06:00 AM UTC. About GDAO: Governor DAO By delegating ownership decisions to token holders, blockchain projects open an entirely new set of incentives for participation. Token symbol:GDAO Website:
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