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Gate.io OpenPunks has been launched officially worldwide, creating a new universe of NFTs

2021-09-07 13:00:02Read:952030

While the NFT field is booming, we solemnly announce to global users: Gate.io is about to go Live OpenPunks-a publicly created collection of Punks avatars. OpenPunks aims to enrich the imagination of its community of user through a new NFT creation work model. You could climb the top of a mountain in an NFT and explore more innovative and fantastic NFT gameplays.

OpenPunks official website:https://www.gate.io/openpunks

OpenPunks collection

Gate.io OpenPunks is the worldwide first community-driven Punks collection, dedicated to creating a more open Punks creators gathering place.

Gate.io OpenPunks relies on the diversity of the GateChain eco and the existing community attributes to the NFT Magic Box to build a more safer, reliable, free and open Punks creation environment to global NFT artists and Punks creators. OpenPunks is based on the form in first or multiple re-creation, maximizing the creative enthusiasm of community users, and then obtaining value benefits from innovative Punks works.

OpenPunks is an open, community and irreplaceable collection of Punks. Each OpenPunks combination will be unique, everyone can freely create on OpenPunks, showing their potential artist talent of users in creation. In return, users will enjoy the joy of free creation and the infinite value brought by their work itself.

OpenPunks will serve as Gate.io's "frontier product" to explore the new universe of NFT, open the infinite possibilities of NFT creation, and lead the trend of free creation of NFT by community users. In addition, Gate.io will plan to engage more different types of collections similar to OpenPunks so as to provide a steady stream of experience and value reference for the sustainable development and prosperity of NFT.

OpenPunks display

The first batch of OpenPunks are randomly generated by the . Users can obtain OpenPunks through auctions. Combining text deion and avatar display of NFT methods, users can conduct secondary sales or creation. During this period, the community will play a vital role in the promoting, the inspiring OpenPunks works will be ushered in an unpredicted new life. Every creation and transaction process will be a value added progress.

Users will create specific unique NFT works based on their attributes. Currently, OpenPunks is composed of multiple basic elements, each of which has a different classified attribution and a specific level of rarity. They rely on various possibilities to randomly generate the characters, the characteristics of each component are displayed in the form of text and a few number of element characteristics have rarer value attributes, including character type, hair color, skin, role and other elements.

Security repurchase plan , share community dividends

OpenPunks will be rooted in community power to drive Punks to recreate again. The community is the greatest advantage of OpenPunks, and the innovative NFT image will be freely defined by users's preferience; OpenPunks holders can update the image of the work at any time to achieve a higher level of creative achievements; the total casting volume of OpenPunks will be limited to 10,000 and will never be issued once again. OpenPunks is a non-profit project. One year later if the work is sold, the work will be officially repurchased at initial issued price. At that time, if the value of the work is higher than the initial issued price, the owner of the work can choose not to participate in this repurchase plan.

Created OpenPunks free to draw, gather community creative players

As a community-driven OpenPunks project, after the official launch, 10 Genesis OpenPunks will be released in stages to give back to the communities, so as to gather more creative players from the communities to participate in this creation. Each issue will be vote for one of the best creative players and to gain the ownership of the Genesis OpenPunks. The winners have the priority of sharing the value income which comes from OpenPunks.

Community Participation Process

1. Fill in the application form;

2. According to the application results, Gate.io will send an invitation email of the creation;

3. Community players participate in the creation of OpenPunks;

4. The community will be voted for the best creation image;

5. Official airdrop to the best creative players.

The first issue of creative OpenPunks will be set to go Live soon!

Registration link: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/814

OpenPunks as a creative NFT platform is still in its early stages; it is now recruiting ecological partners from all over the world to provide creative tools, work rewards, IP transactions, etc.; for the rapid growth of OpenPunks, also welcome communities to provide more novel and innovative gameplay.

Email[email protected]



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Gate.io Team

Sep 7th, 2021

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