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Announcement of volunteers list for Gate.io $30,000 Donation for Turkey Wildfire Relief

2021-08-06 08:43:47Read:23811

Gate.io has been following the news on Turkey’s wildfires closely. Since the announcement of the $30,000 donation for assisting impacted communities in Turkey, an immense number of users have expressed their interest in becoming a volunteer.

Gate.io will donate $30,000 for Turkey wildfires. Simultaneously e are recruiting volunteers for material procurement and delivery

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to sign up. Through a strict selection process, 9 volunteers have been selected to join this program.

The volunteers will work on the following (and other) tasks, such as purchasing and delivering relief supplies. They will also report back in regards to the progress on the work. They will share their actions through their social media platforms to ensure transparency and clarity in regards to the process.

Volunteers list


Social media link



Ali İlhan Hacıfazlıoğlu


I've been in the fire zone for days and trying to distribute aid. I have a large community and with the help of this community I can help identify, supply and distribute needs.


Efe Bulduk


Thanks to my community and the trust I have placed in people, especially in the crypto world, I have built a large community of people who want to help the fire. There are many crypto influencers and benefactors in this community. We are organizing with the help of experienced people in this field, we will send a big help in the coming days. You can be sure that we will use the budget you give us in the best way and deliver it to those in need.


Gökhan Yağlıdere


I have been a member of a social assistance club where young people gather for years and I am currently a manager there. I have friends working in the region, and I will go and support them to bring the necessary materials. Thanks to my experience, I will make the best use of your budget and share the evidence.


Hasan Hüseyin Şensoy


The fire is approaching my house, my father is the headman of the village. People around me know and trust me. I have my own vehicle, I can quickly go to the available area and bring supplies to those in need.


Hüseyin Yüksel


I was born and raised in the fire area. I have been working in the area since the beginning of the fire. I think I am suitable for this because I know the region and people from the region. I can also help with my professional knowledge.


Askin Sozer


I have experienced in aid campaigns, now in the disaster area, my past posts will let you know you can trust me on this


Kripto Kurdu


Currently, my friends and I are in the preparation phase to send relief supplies to the region. We can help more people with the budget you provide. For transparency, we can share spending details on social media and with you.


Kaytek Özgül


I work for a transport/transport company. The company I work for constantly sends relief supplies to fire zones from Istanbul. We also made agreements with some airline companies. We quickly provide the needs coming from the aid area and send them to the region. We will use the budget we will receive from you for the supply and dispatch of the needs in the same way.


sumeyye aktürk


I am a healthcare worker and have been working in voluntary outreach programs for years. We are currently planning a trip to the fire zone, and we want to use the budget you will give us to help more people on this journey.


For everyone who signed up but who was not selected as a volunteer, your kindness is very much appreciated! Because we still recognize your efforts and great intentions, you have an opportunity to post on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #Gate.io# TurkeyBurning. There is a $1,000 prize pool for your efforts for the Turkey Wildfire Relief. You can complete the form here. https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/695

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Gate.io Team

August 6, 2021

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