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The Gate.io NFT Magic Box "European Championship 2021" theme event is coming back. You need just$2 to Win, but there’s limited availability

2021-07-09 09:09:46Read:302000

During the European Cup, the "Magic European Championship 2021" theme event, which was launched by Gate.io NFT Magic Box, received a fierce response. In response to the invitation of users, the second round of the " Europea Championship 2021" event is now coming. The European Championship NFT limited prizes auction starts at $1.9. Users will get NFT products and European Cup football kit, if the user wins the auction.

Duration: July 9th, 2021, 10:00-July 12th, 2021, 04:00(UTC)
The themed series is a peripheral design of Gate.io "European Championship 2021". It is sold in limited quantities in the form of auction. Users only need to make sure that there is sufficient balance in the purchase address to participate in the auction.

NFT products and auction time

European championship two piece set
Auction link at 10:00 on July 9:https://www.gate.ac/nft/8486
Auction link at 04:00 on July 10:https://www.gate.ac/nft/8467
Auction link at 08:00 on July 10:https://www.gate.ac/nft/8521

European Championship four piece set
Auction link at 10:00 on July 9:https://www.gate.ac/nft/8584
Auction link at 04:00 on July 10:https://www.gate.ac/nft/8597
Auction link at 08:00 on July 10:https://www.gate.ac/nft/8556

Auction process:
Enter the European Championship product auction page and click the "Go to view other numbers" button to view all the NFT auction works of the current set;

On the asset list page, you can click the "Details" button after the number in turn to view the auction status of the NFT works with the corresponding number;

Fill in the price you want to bid on the NFT auction page of the corresponding number, and
click "Confirm Bid" to participate in the auction.

Event Deion:
1. Successful bidders need to fill in the receiving address in the personal center in order to receive physical peripheral products. Users in China are free to mail them, and users in nonChina areas need to pay the international postage by themselves;
2. For each product, each user can only purchase one time, and multiple users will deliver the goods in kind, and only one piece will be sent;
3. The user guarantees that the amount of funds in the account must be greater than the purchase value, and they can purchase GT/USDT/BTC.

Gate.io reserves the right of final interpretation of this event

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Gate.io Team

July 9, 2021

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