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Back To Has Distributed PAID V2 To Holders At Snapshot Time

2021-04-30 20:17:04Read:58632 has now distributed PAID V2 to all PAID V2 holders (not traders )who held before the PAID Network exploit (snapshot time: 2021-03-06 02:00:00 UTC+8). For traders who bought PAID after the snapshot time, they can claim compensation from the PAID Network team (find their claim form here )

Suppose the PAID Network team refused any affected users regarding their rightful claim for compensation; in that case, they can contact the team for help. We will assist with the compensation communication with and through the PAID Network team. If the PAID Network Team still refuses to compensate these users, will reimburse the victims of the hack from its own pocket.

As we have completed the PAID v2 distribution, users who have PAID V2 or PAID V1 can withdraw them at anytime they want. Team
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