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2021-04-27 10:22:22Read:18961

According to the Kyber team, as part of the Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) token migration, the legacy KNC will be swapped for the new KNC at the swap ratio of 1:1. will support the token swap and swap all the KNC tokens on for users.

The swap ratio : 1:1
New token contract address: 0xdeFA4e8a7bcBA345F687a2f1456F5Edd9CE97202’s KNC Token Swap Date: May 9th,2021

If your KNC tokens are on, you do not need to do anything in particular. If you want to get your KNC token migrated effortlessly to the new token on, please deposit your KNC token to before May 9th. During the process of swap, KNC trading markets will not be affected.

Important Notice:
After this swap, will support the new KNC tokens only. If you deposit the legacy KNC tokens to, they will be credited as KNCL to your account and you may withdraw them to your personal wallet and swap yourself.

Deposit KNC at:
KNC/USDT Market:
KNC/ETH Market:
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April 27, 2021

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