Coin Price 24h % Added USDT Margin Perpetual Ccontract Trading for Uniswap(UNI)

2020-09-17 15:03:21Read:31229 has added USDT margin perpetual contract trading for UNI, allowing up to 20 X leverage.

Trade UNI _USDT perpetual contract at:
You can also practice your skills at your demo account, risk free via

UNISWAP is a centralized swap platform based on an Automated Market Maker mechanism.

About Perpetual Contract Market's perpetual contract market is the most active market in the world, with a daily volume up to 0.8 billion dollar. It has accumulated over 1000 BTC in its insurance fund to cover bankruptcy loss in case of liquidation. We offer up to 100X leverage for BTC and support high leverage of 20X or 50X for a dozen of other assets, such as ETH,EOS,LTC,BCH,BSV and more. We use composite indices from several exchanges to mark liquidation, thus avoiding unnecessary liquidation. The futures market has been running stably and significantly reduced the investors risk.
Please note, perpetual contracts are of high leverage and incur a high risk. Please trade within your financial capacity. Team
September 17, 2020

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