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Gate.io blog: Why is Gate.io Liquidity Mining Great for Low Volatility?

2021-07-05 10:33:37 UTC 31515
Automated market making (AMM) liquidity pool is a competitive product launched by Gate.io in the third quarter in 2021. It aims at stimulating the current dull trading market and offers users another effective solution to trading. Meanwhile, AMM liquidity pool is also a key part of Gate.io’s decentralized blockchain layout, playing an essential role in our development planning. Following the launch of the AMM mechanism, Gate.io has promoted liquidity mining products as well. Due to our full support, Gate.io liquidity mining is highly likely to be one of the best crypto financing products for low volatility.

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Why is Gate.io Liquidity Mining Great for Low Volatility?

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July 5, 2021

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