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    Gate.io Blog The Best Choice for Low-Risk Appetite Investors – Gate.io Daily Sharkfin

    The Best Choice for Low-Risk Appetite Investors – Gate.io Daily Sharkfin

    15 March 14:35

    Gate.io has listed Daily Shark Fin products that support BTC and USDT with high yields. Available at exactly 8:00 AM UTC from Monday to Saturday every week, they can bring you an annualized return of up to 25%. More such products will be ready for you in the future. They will support a variety of mainstream currencies and offer more options in terms of lock-up period and annualization. View more details on Gate.io Sharkfin.

    Ⅰ. What’s Daily Shark Fin?

    Available from Monday to Saturday, Gate.io Daily Shark Fin is a capital-protected structured product (What are structured products?) that is now supporting BTC and USDT. Daily Shark Fin special for Saturday has higher annualized returns and shorter lock-up periods.

    Daily Shark Fin Specifications

    How does the Daily Shark Fin product bring you a return?
    There are two ways to make money with daily shark fins that are suitable for markets with small predicted price fluctuations (within $100). It is the best choice for investors who prefer low risks.

    1) During the observation period, if the prices of the target asset always stay within the per-specified price range (i.e., the hit range), users can earn a higher annualized income. At settlement, the closer the prices of the target asset is to the upper limit of the price range, the higher the annual yield rate will be.

    2) During the observation period, if the prices of the target asset have gone beyond the price range (i.e., the knock-out range), the user can obtain a guaranteed yield rate.

    Ⅱ. Why should you choose Gate.io Daily Shark Fin?

    Compared to the regular lock-up hodl & earn products and weekly shark fin products, Gate.io daily shark fin has a great advantage that is best suitable for investors who prefer low risks

    Similar to the operations of the regular lock-up Hodl & Earn products, daily shark fins has more merits:
    1) Higher returns: With both the “fixed income” of regular products and the “uncertainty” of derivatives, daily shark fins not only offer higher guaranteed returns than that of the regular lock-up products but also provide a chance to earn higher returns.
    2) Diversified: Available from Monday to Saturday, daily shark fin has more options in terms of lock-up period and annualization.
    3) Safe and convenient: Provide professional management and risk control solutions for user funds, and free users from trading around the clock and the concern about forced liquidation of assets.
    4) Low Initial Investment Amount: The minimum investment for a starting position is generally lower than that of traditional lock-up products.

    Comparison of Existing Daily Shark Fin and Regular Lockup Hodl & Earn

    Gate.io also provides weekly shark fin structured products that have a similar return mode to the daily shark fins. But it is discovered that the latter is more flexible than the weekly shark fins, offers more choices, and provides higher annual yields. Investors who participate in daily shark fins have a better chance of obtaining high yields.

    Comparison of Existing Daily Shark Fin and Weekly Shark Fin Products

    Ⅲ. How to participate in the Daily Shark Fins?

    (Steps for Web Investors only. The App version is launching soon.)
    1. Log in to your Gate.io account, click "Finance" - "Structured Products" at the homepage tab and enter the structured products page.

    2. In the "New Listing" section, investors can also check the product type, the annualized rate of return, terms, initial investment amount, and other information. Investors can select one product according to preference.

    3. After entering the page, investors can check the participation rules and rules of return. Confirm the details and click “Place Order” to start trading.

    4. Next, enter the “Confirmation Order” page. Investors have to enter the amount, tick to agree with the Structured Financial Product Purchase Agreement, and then click “OK”.

    5. After completing the participation step, investors can check details at “My Investment”.

    6. The interest distribution of the product will be done according to the participation rules. Investors can click "View" to check the average position and the corresponding interest.

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