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Gate.io Blog Is Sui Aptos’ the No. 1 Enemy?

Is Sui Aptos’ the No. 1 Enemy?

24 October 16:52


  • Sui claims to be the Libra twin chain of Facebook;

  • In 2021, the Sui development team decided to leave the comfortable environment of Meta and establish Mysten Labs;

  • Currently, Sui is more focused on GameFi, while Aptos is more focused on NFT;

  • Will Aptos and Sui reproduce the miracle of Silicon Valley after leaving Facebook? The future may give us an answer soon.

What Is Sui

Sui is the first Layer 1 public chain designed from scratch without permission and with POS (Proof of Stake) consensus. Sui claims to be the Libra twin chain of Facebook.

Designed to enable creators and developers to build an experience that meets the next billion users in web3. By using its architecture and new methods focusing on performance, scalability, and user operability, Sui has solved the main pain points of the existing blockchain and can support extensive application development at an unparalleled speed and at a low cost.

The Sui public chain is a public chain specially used to support on-chain games and entertainment applications, and has also designed a unique programming model for such games and entertainment use cases. It is reported that the TPS of Mysten network can reach 160,000. If this data can be realized, Sui will be in a very leading position in public chain technology.

Top Team

In 2021, the development team decided to leave the comfortable environment of Meta (formerly Facebook) and establish Mysten Labs, a company dedicated to rethinking web3 infrastructure from the first principles. Sui is our first step, which is a big step. It is not a derivative or incremental improvement of the Diem network. Sui hopes to promote the ladder-like progress of blockchain technology to meet the needs of the next generation of crypto users and developers.

The main members of Mysten Labs are from Meta, who used to be the former core developer of the Libra project led by Meta. Libra owns the CaLibra wallet, and its Libra Token has reserve assets to help people participate in the digital economy. The Libra project is an extension of US dollar hegemony in the field of digital assets and belongs to a stable currency. Anchored with a basket of currencies, excluding RMB. These technical experiences enable the Sui Public Chain to have a reliable technical background as support.

Evan Cheng
CEO, used to be the technical director of Facebook and the research and development director of the Novi of Diem Wallet.

Sam Blackshear
CTO, a former Novi Chief Engineer, focusing on the Move programming language.

Adeniyi Abiodun

CPO, former head of Meta Novi products; previously worked for VMware, Oracle, PeerNova, HSBC, and JPMorgan Chase.

George Danezis

Chief scientist, former Novi and Meta research scientist; former core technology developer of Microsoft and Chainspace.

Kostas (Konstantinos) Chalkias

Former Chief Cryptographer of Novi; previously worked in R3, Erybo, Safemarket, NewCrypt, and other companies.

Differences Between Sui and Aptos

In addition, the differences between Sui and Aptos are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

Capital: Aptos embraced all the top resources above, in contrast, even though Sui had a few top ones, their valuations were all $2 billion, basically no difference.

Team: Basically, only one founder of Aptos came from Libra's original team, whereas five or six founders of Sui were from Libra's team, with a sense of "keep the same team".

Ecosystem: Neither of them has launched the main network, but Aptos is really far ahead. Aptos has more than 100 eco-projects, by contrast, Sui only has 10/20+ ones, and Aptos comfortably beats Sui.

However, it is still too early to say all the above, because the real performance needs time and practice to test, and we look forward to seeing their actual performance instead of the effectiveness of advertising.

Who Can Win

Currently, the ecosystem projects on Aptos and Sui are basically the same as those on ETH. It can be said that eco-projects suitable for ETH are also suitable for them.

A faster TPS is suitable for higher-frequency trading scenarios, and games may be one of them. Compared with Aptos, Sui is suitable for the development of Gamefi, because Sui has modified the move to make it more object-oriented. Now many development languages of web2 are object-oriented, so it is also suitable for web2 developers to migrate to the Sui chain.
Sui assets can be defined as attributes of items, or different items can be combined into new items.

In the game, you can have a sword to collect experience points to improve your level. Points and levels can be defined as attributes. You can also combine different items, such as swords and gems, to make a new sword. All these records can be linked.

In addition, according to an AMA by the founder of Sui, Sui intends to cooperate with Unity to integrate the Unity plug-in into Sui's SDK. As we all know, Unity and Unreal are the two most widely used game engines in the game field. If Sui can integrate Unity plug-ins in the SDK, it will undoubtedly greatly reduce the difficulty for game developers to develop games on the chain.

However, Aptos is more interested in the NFT track at present and has mentioned Aptos's support for NFT in many publicity campaigns, such as minting 1 million NFTs in one hour. Meanwhile, in the official SDK, the application layer also provides Token clients specifically for NFT applications, providing built-in support for NFT casting and query.

From the white paper, the styles of the two are still different. Aptos is obviously more popular and understandable, while Sui is more academic, but the actual difference between the two is not that big. After all, both are Facebook systems, both use Move, and both are focused on high-performance parallel computing public chains.


Presently, many public chain projects are too competitive and boring, and a new leader is urgently needed to innovate the existing public chain market. As one of the top brands of Move's public chain, whether Sui can "revolutionize" the public chain and truly change the existing public chain pattern in an innovative way remains to be seen.

Author: Gate.io Observer: Byron B. Translator: Joy Z.
* This article represents only the views of the observers and does not constitute any investment suggestions.
*Gate.io reserves all rights to this article. Reposting of the article will be permitted provided Gate.io is referenced. In all other cases, legal action will be taken due to copyright infringement.
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