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    Gate.io Blog The function and operation guide of Hipo Swap

    The function and operation guide of Hipo Swap

    29 August 17:59

    The Hipo Swap product has been updated recently. We have upgraded the UI interface and related functions. Let's take a look at it in detail.

    What is Hipo Swap
    Hipo Swap is a Swap protocol on HipoDefi. Currently, it has three functions: Profession swap, Quick swap, and Gateswap liquidity.

    Profession swap and quick swap are exchange tools provided for transactions between different tokens. The difference is that profession swap can display a specific price trend chart, while quick swap omits this process and directly adopts the optimal exchange path. Hiposwap currently supports token exchange on seven Layer 1 networks of Ethereum, Gatechain, BSC, Polygon, Heco, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

    Gateswap is an automated liquidity protocol where each Gateswap smart contract (or pair of contracts) manages a liquidity pool consisting of a reserve of two erc-20 tokens.

    Anyone can become a Pool's Liquidity Provider (LP) by adding the equivalent value of each base token in exchange for pool tokens. These tokens track a prorated LP share of the total reserve and can withdraw the underlying asset at any time.

    How to use Hipo Swap
    Profession swap & Quick swap
    1.Open the Hipo official website and click the profession swap button in the swap interface;

    2.Link the wallet in the upper right corner, select the corresponding Layer1 network for authorization, and select the transaction pair you want to exchange after the authorization is successful;

    3.Through the transaction, the price trend can be analyzed. At the same time, we have also added the fee comparison function of other Dex platforms (currently supports uniswap, sushi, balancer and other platforms). You can compare the fee difference and choose the best exchange path. , Hipo swap has automatically selected the best exchange path for you;

    4.After selecting the trading pair, click swap and confirm the transaction in the wallet to complete the token transaction;

    Gateswap Liquidity

    1.Open the official website, click Gateswap Liquidity;

    2.Connect the wallet to select the corresponding network. The first time adding liquidity requires wallet authorization, and the corresponding token share is added to the pool according to the corresponding transaction pair;

    3.After completing the liquidity provision, you can see the corresponding LP token on the "My Liquidity" interface, and you can also choose to continue to add or withdraw liquidity on the right;

    About Gate Chain

    Gate Chain is a new generation of public chains focused on user asset security and decentralized transactions. With its original online hot wallet account and settlement guarantee system, it creatively solves the core basic problems of the industry, such as the theft of users' digital assets, the destruction and loss of private keys, slow decentralized transactions, and the lack of cross-chain transfers. With six years of blockchain technology accumulation, two years of dedicated research and a hundred-people in the technical team,GateChain relies on excellent innovation ability and strong financial strength to create a revolutionary blockchain.
    - Official website: https://gatechain.io/
    - Twitter: https://twitter.com/gatechain_io
    - Medium: https://gatechain.medium.com/
    - Discord: https://discord.com/invite/TADecrzfcP
    - Telegram: https://t.me/gatechain
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