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    Gate.io Blog A Complete Guide To Gate.io Earn
    Common Knowledge

    A Complete Guide To Gate.io Earn

    24 June 14:29

    [TL; DR]

    Most people are just learning that aside from trading, exchanging, and swapping tokens, you can earn passive income on the Gate.io platform.

    With the HODL and Earn project, users can earn income while holding their investment in a lock.

    There are two available plans for Gate.io users to HODL and earn.

    The Proof Of stake (PoS) & Earn plan and the Lock & Earn plan.

    The Lock & Earn plan is a sub_script_ion to an arrangement whereby you lock up your token for a specified term and receive your interest cum principal at a due date.

    The PoS & Earn plan is run on a non-term basis. You do not have to lock up your token before earning and can pull out of the project anytime.

    However, you will get your interest after 14 days and only get your principal whenever you pull out.

    The Gate.io platform provides other ways to earn and is reliable for all cryptocurrency transactions.

    Keywords: Earn, investment, earning, cryptocurrency, token, invest, income, principal, interest.

    [Full Article]

    Asides from trading, swapping, and exchanging cryptocurrencies on the crypto platforms, there are several other activities that you can engage in. Depending on the third-party crypto platform that you wish to use for your Decentralized finance services, there are countless trading and non-trading activities that you can conduct.

    For crypto platforms like Gate.io, aside from trading, exchange, lending, and borrowing, you can carry out other activities, including passive earning, market analysis, etc. Depending on your use case, the Gate.io platform provides users a reliable and efficient deposit/withdrawal platform.

    In this article, we shall examine the numerous activities and tasks you can conduct on the Gate.io platform alongside the HODL and EARN features of this reliable trading platform.

    Let’s proceed.

    Gate.io’s HODL and Earn

    Those who use the Gate.io trading platform can attest to its numerous features and use cases. One of the essential features is the HODL and Earn interface.

    In the HODL and earn platform, you can facilitate stable earnings for your cryptocurrency investment. The platform offers various financial products, including term (lock-up) and non-term earning products.

    Gate’s earning feature consists of a HODL and earns mechanism whereby users of the crypto platform can earn passive income while holding onto their digital assets. On the Gate.io platform, all users are eligible for the earned product.

    For flexibility and overall customer satisfaction, Gate.io has multiple plans that allow you to earn passive income as a user. The plans are “Proof of Stake & Earn (POS & Earn) and Lock & Earn.

    At this juncture, analyzing the two Earning plans available for Gates.io users is pertinent.

    Lock & Earn

    The lock & earn project is sub_script_ion-based. Once you subscribe, the number of tokens you want to lock up will be deducted from your account balance and kept out of your reach for the period specified in the term. The project automatically distributes your principal and interest at the due date except when the market fluctuates while your token is locked up.

    The lock-up and earning are similar to deposits in a financial institution for a while. In the lock-up and earn, once you deposit your crypto-token, you lock it up and leave it dormant for some time.

    The lock-up and earn arrangement has its terms and conditions. You can not make an early withdrawal until the stipulated time, and your interest cum principal gets released when the term ends. Price fluctuation can lead to a drop in the asset's locked price, and the investor will directly suffer the loss.

    For instance, if the lock-up term of a currency is 90 days, the end time of your investment is after the 90th day, and until that day, you can not pull out your interest and principal. There is no fixed term in the lock and earn arrangement; every user can specify the lock-up period before the agreement takes effect.

    POS & Earn

    The Proof Of Stake & Earn is another earning arrangement run on a non-term basis. To be eligible for the PoS & Earn plan, you must only subscribe without locking up your tokens.

    In PoS & Earn, you can sell or pull out your investment anytime and still get your interest. When you withdraw your invested tokens, you must manually select and participate in another PoS project if you wish to continue investing.

    At the end of the project, the interest will be calculated based on the average amount of cryptocurrencies in position as of the last 14 days and be distributed every 14 days.

    In PoS & Earn, instead of getting your principal and interest at the lock-up due date, you can pull out your principal at any time and receive the interest after 14 days.


    The Gate.io crypto platform is bringing new mechanisms to the blockchain ecosystem. You do not have to engage in active trading or exchanging tokens to make an investment and a profit.

    With the HODL and Earn plans, you can engage in passive investment, and while your tokens are locked up, they generate interest. Gates.io calculates the interest and principal that is due to every investor.

    The interest and principal will be determined based on the interest commencement time. Every investor will get their interest and principal directly in their account.

    Finally, experts assert that there is confusion in the earning plan because a locked-up token shouldn’t be affected by price falls. However, it is general knowledge that cryptocurrencies are volatile and can not be saved when the price value declines.

    The Earn plan is expected to become robust and more enticing to Gates.io users.

    Author: Valentine. A, Gate.io Researcher

    This article represents only the researcher's views and does not constitute investment suggestions.

    Gate.io reserves all rights to this article. Reposting of the article will be permitted, provided Gate.io is referenced. In all cases, legal action will be taken due to copyright infringement.

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